Oh god I'm nostalgic for 2011 tonight. How did my life end so quickly? I'm trapped in this shitty adult world of my own making.

@paul I guess I'm feeling nostalgic for the year of my life I was the poorest financially and felt the most free generally. But I'm forgetting the terrible weeks of collecting change to buy some potatoes, etc... somehow I remember the bad parts too but it all feels so much more promising and good in my mind. 😕

@zensaiyuki @paul right. Nostalgia as the loss of hope is an interesting thought

@hecanjog @paul it comes off the back of a thing i heard on tv somewhere recently. along the lines of: Depression is an inability to imagine a future.

@hecanjog In the mead homebrew scene, there's a motto "when it doubt, age it out". The idea being that really off flavors in mead mellow out over time.

Memories seem to ferment in a similar way.

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