LMMS Dev Rant 

It's been 3 years, and I'm still bitter about my development experience with LMMS.

I was looking at their DSP code, and found that most plugins were not handling wet/dry value knob properly. I realized it was a longstanding bug. The wet/dry knob should have been writing a 0-1 value, but it was writing a bipolar -1,1 ranged value like a pan knob. I even looked at the git history and found at one point it was set to be 0,1, but was mysteriously changed to -1,1 in a massive commit with sweeping changes. It was definitely a bug. I could see plugins mishandling it and I could hear it too.

It was a simple PR (I changed like one line of code), and I made my case. What ensued was a huge chaotic discussion. Apparently, the bug was there too long and changing it would "break workflow", and also "sometimes it sounds cool".

I understand the concern about backwards compatibility, but come on! How can you expect to compete with anything commercial when your wet/dry knob can mess with phase + gain staging in unpredictable ways? Like, what?

My PR was closed but not merged, and AFAIK the bug still persists after all this time.

Don't let the eye candy fool you: LMMS objectively sounds like crap.


LMMS Dev Rant 

The wet/dry problem still persists!


All my controversial PR did was change that -1 to a 0.

LMMS Dev Rant 

Here is the wet/dry knob in 2008 (12 years ago now!) using the correct 0-1 range, being changed inexplicably to -1,1 in a huge unrelated commit: github.com/LMMS/lmms/commit/f3

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