At first I was angry that YouTube was only showing my videos at 240p, then I remembered "right, I make teeny tiny videos by design. That's what 240p means".

unfortunately it also means (or at least it used to) that the audio quality is lower.
Likewise 50 and 60fps are also only available for 720p and up, so for my #MSX #retroGaming recordings, I had to make sure my emulator upscaled to triple-size so they were rendered in 720p50Hz / 720p60Hz, or else games with heavy sprite flickering could make some sprites invisible.

Ironically, I forgot to consider that. Fortunately, it isn't really my first choice to post vids. Nor is it my second.

what do you use to create your audio-visual typography?
Is it perhaps possible to have a JavaScript based player which just processes the input rather than having to rely on prerecorded media?

@FiXato It's pretty much a custom built software ecosystem written in C with scripting layers on top.

Not a bad idea to try to use a javascript player, but the pre-recorded read-only medium for these particular studies is very much intentional.

At some point, I intend to build things that are more dynamic. Less of a file, more of an interactive program/game.

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