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Tune in!
Saturday 18/4/20, 19:00 CEST @VariaZone

..::We hope this email finds you well - a radio drama series ::..
📨 :nes_fire:

Writing an email is not dissimilar to writing a script. Wrapping a message in paratextual elements means to imagine how the reader on the receiving end will interpret it. Whether it shows enough enthusiasm!!! If a bit of softening is needed ;-) Or an apology to excuse the lack of immediacy, sorry about that. These elements determine the tone with which the email will be read in the person's mind (...)

more: varia.zone/en/we-hope-this-ema
(streaming link on the website soon)

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📖 an experiment in reading Deaf Republic together from a distance prepared by @p_p 📖

Sunday 26th April, 10.30am-12:00pm CEST



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