open-source privacy friendly crypto wallet?


thanks, I'm discovering this whole new part of the internet.

About my type design, I'm working on an open source body typeface based on early Palatino specimens by Hermann Zapf, but making it a semi-sans. The semi-sans is inspired by the work of Otl Aicher with the Rotis family

my website carbon index sucks; it's just not energy efficient enough to my liking

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trying to rethink my website to be fast, lightweight but still have quite a few images.

hey folks, just joined the fediverse. I'm interested in design, typography, open source type and free culture. Also fascinated by archives & collections.

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I kinda love everything about this project by Joel Galvaez: the aim (bringing a shared event calendar out of fb), the design, the Figma screencast in the about

the fairy floss theme is pretty easy on the eyes

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