990 grams, i5, no brand, anyone experience with these assemblers? skikk.eu/laptops/14lc41

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**Boekhandel Fort van Sjakoo weer open**

"Boekhandel Het Fort van Sjakoo (ik moet mijn verhaal er over uit Wij Eisen Geluk nog steeds op het net zetten) illustreert het verschil tussen generatie en jaargang, in dit…"


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Really like this idea:

Quarantine Stories is a collaborative platform that collects stories of isolation as a result of home-quarantining in efforts to reduce the effects of COVID-19


The people's reactions link in the dentons.com article: internetconsultatie.nl/kraakve. Did you know about the function of internetconsultatie.nl?

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More on private property and real estate. Additionally, Christian Democrats (CDA) and Liberals (VVD) are trying to push for earlier if not immediate action in the process of evicting squats: tweedekamer.nl/kamerstukken/we (lang: NL).

A decent overview (lang: NL) of implications: dentons.com/en/insights/newsle

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On private property and disclosing personal information about ultimate real estate ownership publicly: The public registry for ultimate beneficial owners is not yet approved by the Upper House in NL, even though this article (ENG: revealnews.org/article/unmaski) mentions the Netherlands as having addressed this "head on": Track progress for passing of this law via wetgevingskalender.overheid.nl (lang: NL). Since this has been long in the making, I'm very curious to learn what tricks will be used to avoid someone's name from popping up in public.

Listening to some songs of Ron Gallo. Not great musically i find, yet pretty young and interesting. His "all punks are domesticated" (very nice title!) on album Heavy Meta (sic) (youtube.com/watch?v=H4q3cOpuSV album recording, less so live youtube.com/watch?v=ciemRLkc7f) sounds like en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destroye and the simplicity of Happy Deathday reminds me Kimya Dawson of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mold. Suspect he's paying respect to his pleasures (or masters, however you'd like the phrasing) and very much discovering.

Pretty cool source for free documentaries screened at the Amsterdam Documentary Festival throughout the years. Use the filters to select for country of production for instance. Here's a link to free docs made in Egypt: idfa.nl/en/collection/document

Note: some docs do have georestrictions I've noticed when testing via VPN outside NL.

Has anyone been or know anyone who has been to Guangzhou (广州), China? Visiting soon and would like to get in touch with folks. Looking forward not to be able to use Google products : ) openstreetmap.org/node/2440804

Free pickup of server parts, despite the € mentioned. Please DM via marktplaats and mention Mastodon. Maashaven, Rotterdam. link.marktplaats.nl/m149586695 & link.marktplaats.nl/m149584201

Doing Bandersnatch: Ended up having to kill the father of the character and chopping up the body, making the perfect game, reaching credits in a new world where the next (female) programmer has no choice but to abandon the project of recreating and releasing the bandersnatch project. Also noticable: some netflix propaganda is unavoidable, at least in this line of choices. Runtime ~2hrs with some loops. -> {frosties, now 2, refuse, no, no, phaedra, throw tea over computer, go back, shout at dad, follow colin, no, colin, pull earlobe, flush them, hit desk, pick up book, jfd, throw tea over computer, white_bear_episode_glyph, back off, talk about mum, no, pickup family photo, white_bear_episode_glyph, back off, get rabbit from dad, pac, p.a.c.s., 20541, whose there?, white_bear_episode_glyph, back off, get rabbit from dad, pax, white_bear_episode_glyph, back off, get rabbit from dad, toy, yes, whose there? back off, whose there?, back off, no_choice_made*, bury body, no, he jumped, chop or bury?, chop up body, throw tea over computer}

Thinking of playing interactive movie (yes!!) Black Mirror: Bandersnatch this weekend in Rotterdam Zuid. PM to make up a joint plan. I have food/place/access to a netflix account... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Mi

A memory from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, USA. 12 oz = 0.34 kg of yes, such and such coffee.

Hello (parts of the) world, what's the easiest way to see content of replies on toots with the default mastodon web client ui? To follow a discussion or worse: multiple, say with >5 replies, access by expanding a status (focus mode) seems a bit tedious.

Research yielded this Mastodon primer btw: github.com/tleb/awesome-mastod

Cool scifi book cover design and finding out what's inspired them: tor.com/2018/12/11/designing-t

Self-promoted by Dave Addey and now by me. If you are into this stuff checkout how he dived into the Blade Runner movie with fanatic detail: typesetinthefuture.com/2016/06

Media theorist Geert Lovink is apparently missing out on what is happening here amongst other places when he writes: "The Social Media Question: Where are the Alternatives?" poking at a broadly defined "geek class" and applying the term elitism to it. I have never met him and i believe he's well known.



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