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Get info about an upcoming release: Ursonate - Kurt Schwitters, Performed by Teppei Higuchi + Artwork by @jine ! We are making nice cassette tapes. Now, please enjoy the recording of version A on here:

I got Genelec speakers with calibration tools! Thanks 文化庁Japan!

Well... I've been posting on Twitter quite a lot lately, and it's just plain exhausting. I'm afraid to write down every thought I have.

I am a music junkie(?). I can't stop the shitty style of listening. But I'm not there yet...

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Found that Spotify has buttons to back/forward 15 secs. What the hell is it for? The way we listen to music is changing, isn't it? I'm just completely shocked.

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Already excited for listening to algorithmic music at Alpaca Sessions tonight. Starting at 9pm GMT. With @okachiho

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One thing I miss from watching laptop performance - when the performer abruptly finishes their set by slamming their laptop shut with a flourish, but having misjudged hibernation settings the sound glitches for a second then carries on. Seen this a few times and it's the best

But Club ikita~~i!! Mecha bachibachi ni kimete ikita~i

I like long mixes. That's like 5 or 6 hours. What I mean by that is, I like to go to a friend's house and staying a long time. Not to go to dancing clubs.

The second half of my undergraduate life was really awful, most of my relationships with important people are now over, and social networking like Twitter is also over, but I still have a list of music I listened to so much, and listening to it, I feel like I'd like to be a little more cheerful.


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