Long time no see!
I have a question for you all. If you know of any, please let me know.

The department I graduated from before now has an associate professor who seems to have a fraudulent background. Does the Bordeaux University of the Arts exist in France? He lists on his resume that he was an associate professor there.

This school, the Bordeaux University of the Arts(?), appears from time to time in Japanese government documents. But other than that, there are no hits on searches, etc. so far.

By the way, he specializes in computer music and new media art. He seems to be quite suspiciously abusing the term "AI" these days.

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@okachiho It could be a (somewhat loose) translation of "École supérieure des beaux-arts de Bordeaux".

@jboy Hey thanks for responding!

I still wonder if he is referring to that art school. That school was one of the few, and the only school that caught me + my friends' search, but... is that school where people can study computer music or something like that? The website is a bit confusing...

I am also wondering if it is possible to describe it on official documents as a research institution, where we can determine that there is a chair that is an "associate professor"?

So many mysteries :think_unamused:

@okachiho yeah, I agree. Very mysterious. It might be worth writing to somebody at Bordeaux municipality to ask whether there exists any such institution.

@raphael Hey, thanks for that!

It is certainly possible that it could be Bordeaux Montaigne university. The latter is a search hit, but it still seems unlikely that it could be written in an official document as a research institute.

Maybe I'll DM you later. I'm trying to figure out how to cut into this issue with my friend.

@wendy Thank you for your really nice recommendation. I'm happy to help regarding the topic and at the same time to know about an artist who looks so interesting.


Bordeaux University is quite pioneering in "informatique et société", maybe that could help ?

@okachiho well, there's a maison des arts (which houses the arts curriculums/lessons, i'm guessing) at the université bordeaux montaigne, at least. (to clarify: bordeaux is the city, montaigne is the name of the university)
as to whether it's the one he's listing and talking about, i'm not sure. might just be a wrong translation, i dunno? arts curriculums link:

@okachiho There is an art section in the university of bordeaux-montaigne.

And there is an «École supérieur des beaux arts»

It’s two different school giving different grades. But if this person have anything from one of these schools it should be somewhere on one of the french government website (or at least, in an archive in one of the two school)

( This can be a good start )

@okachiho PS : If he is from an art school I’m not surprised that he abuse of the «AI» term. We don’t teach computer science in arts, and even if they did, a ton of french think that the world will be ruled by AI and that AI is the solution to any problem.

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