Get info about an upcoming release: Ursonate - Kurt Schwitters, Performed by Teppei Higuchi + Artwork by @jine ! We are making nice cassette tapes. Now, please enjoy the recording of version A on here:


Ursonate - Kurt Schwitters,
Performed by Teppei Higuchi

In 2020, ДОТ - долговременная огневая точка, which is my house in Senju-Sekiya, Japan, welcomed our friend Teppei Higuchi, who came back after a long absence. Surprisingly, he had become unusually good at reciting the Ursonata by Kurt Schwitters, which he had been practicing during the lonely Covid-19 quarantine period. At this time, I am pleased to announce the release of his audio/cassette in spring, 2021!

It will be wrapped in the cover of Hydra concrete poetry by Jasmin Meerhoff!
*The work that led me to ask for artwork: "Access Without" ->

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