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Hello world again, I've re-made a new account on I am mainly using twitter, but recently I almost gave up to write something in there. Now I'm writing and checking updates minimal. At the same time, I am looking for an alternative way of using the Internet, and that's what brought me here.
I am a sound person who is using TidalCycles, SuperCollider, and hardware FM synth, etc.. Not a professional programmer/engineer, but an art student. Japanese. Not a nice speaker of English.
groove 12 on outlines:

My next work:

Place your cursor in the search field of Youtube, hit the keyboard five times with your eyes closed, and press the return key.

This year, Tokyo released an album "Compassion Through Algorithms" for Juneteenth. Next up, it's happening in Sheffield. Looking forward. + BLM!
(Should I re-master the Tokyo stuff? :oh_no_bubble: It was a last-minute effort on Bandcamp Day time)

spent a day to recover my machine that has been neglected for a while. i love linux!

Are the DJs truly digging music (of course music is influenced by society.) ???

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Fact: The community made up of only men + a few female maids.

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What the hell is Japanese domestic techno...


Aarti Indian Restaurant Aarti Indian Restaurant
50-2 Kanda Sakumagashi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0026

Btw, I don't know anything about Windows.

Laptops have a strange distance to our bodies, don't they? It's a bit different from smartphones or huge desktop computers. And they have a lot to do with music.

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