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@okachiho This article has good critique both of the environmental toll, the 'solutions' to the environmental toll and how it perverts some of the unique qualities of digital art: everestpipkin.medium.com/but-t

Here is a good and critical background on what an NFT is specifically: davidgerard.co.uk/blockchain/2

The last author is a long time skeptic on anything crypto but well informed.

He argues one of the reasons there is so much hype on NFT is because those that got in early when it was easy to mine / cheap to buy basically make their money on selling it on to the next person. So that is why everyone who has a stake in it presents it as if it is the next big thing, so they can sell at good mark up. This has been the same with all crypto tokens so far.

I thought it would be nice if artists who create works in the form of video or poetry, not sculpture, could earn for living and productions. There are some video works whose value lies not in the display but in the video itself. However, I don't want the code to lose its open and collaborative nature. I wonder if that's the point. Thinking about kind of Processing, PureData or something like that are the perfect landing pad for a form of media art.

Well... I'm quite scared because I can't find negative opinions about nft art market at all and all of articles or comments are welcoming it.

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I don't know about nft so much. Just started thinking. People in art school are not satisfied with art market in Japan, so they have quite positive feelings to it, I think. But I need to know negative opinions to it. In Japanese information, I couldn't know it for now.

Friends in time zones excluding JST! Today Aoi Tagami as a solo and she & I as a duo played at the really nice venue Velvet Sun. The archive is still there, check it out. It ends on the 25th in JST, so I guess it will end on the 24th almost in your area?

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Vocal, Voice: Aoi Tagami; Synth: Chiho Oka; Recorded by Aoi Tagami's voice recorder, at Ftarri

*This is a recording with quite a lot of noise.

A part of the recording of the New Year live performance by Aoi Tagami and Chiho Oka on January 3, 2021. Actually, there exists a good recording by the owner of Ftarri, Mr. Suzuki, which we hope you can listen to someday.

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I think... I've seen on Twitter that turning off the shining display effect on qjackctl UI can improve the sound. Was that a joke?

Ursonate - Kurt Schwitters,
Performed by Teppei Higuchi

In 2020, ДОТ - долговременная огневая точка, which is my house in Senju-Sekiya, Japan, welcomed our friend Teppei Higuchi, who came back after a long absence. Surprisingly, he had become unusually good at reciting the Ursonata by Kurt Schwitters, which he had been practicing during the lonely Covid-19 quarantine period. At this time, I am pleased to announce the release of his audio/cassette in spring, 2021!

It will be wrapped in the cover of Hydra concrete poetry by Jasmin Meerhoff!
*The work that led me to ask for artwork: "Access Without" -> nervousdata.com/access-without

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Get info about an upcoming release: Ursonate - Kurt Schwitters, Performed by Teppei Higuchi + Artwork by @jine ! We are making nice cassette tapes. Now, please enjoy the recording of version A on here: okachiho.net/dot0001.html

I got Genelec speakers with calibration tools! Thanks 文化庁Japan!

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