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modulating PWM drone with echoed high pitched things and various fast kicks (with a bit of DC offset, sorry)

source code composed in , rendered to WAV using barry command line version.

: dup { x -- x x }
x x

: env { a t -- a }
a t ~ 0x7FFF & dup * 15 >> dup * 15 >> * 15 >>

: audio { c t | r s -- o }
t 15 >> 3 2 c * + * 7 & 6 % 1 + -> r
t 256 r + * 9 >> 0xFF & t 256 r - * 9 >> 0xFF & - 1 >>
r t t t * * * 0xFF & i8 i64 -> s
s 2 * 0xFF & i8 i64 t 0x4000 - env 0 >>
s 3 * 0xFF & i8 i64 t 0x7000 - env 1 >>
s 5 * 0xFF & i8 i64 t 0xA000 - env 2 >>
+ + t 14 >> 7 & 7 != *
r t * ~ 0x3FFF & dup * 15 >> dup * 15 >> 0x7F & 0x40 - t 20 >> 3 & 0 != *
+ t 19 >> 3 & 0 != *
+ 1 >>

RUN audio
1 -> increment
0 -> time

(Previous one was 14th.)

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im not participating not organizing but sounds great
open source culture and techno-politics

IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,
Sonic Electronics Halloween Event (online) with Amy Cuttler / on&off / Isn'tses & raxil4 / mathr & netz / Heya
Saturday 31 October | 8pm
On IKLECTIK Youtube channel
Sonic Electronics is an experimental event. We propose an anti-technocapitalist approach to music genres like ambient, drone, techno, experimental, electronics, acousmatic, live coding, noise, vaporwave, glitch, dark, new wave, postpunk…
Amy Cuttler
Isn'tses & raxil4
mathr & netz
Please support the artists: ** **

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I released version 1.0 "felicitats" yesterday. It's a tool for assembling from exponential strip keyframes with RGB and/or raw iteration data in EXR format - the colouring is controlled by an snippet with a few presets included (or write your own).

(However, the only software I know of that can export keyframes for input to zoomasm, is 2.15 branch which is not yet released... so getting that done is my new focus.)

Ommatidia live av performance by @mathr & @netzzz next in linz austria . Fly algorhitm reactive to sound synths

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Feminismo y Tecnología: Software Libre y Cultura Hacker Como Medio Para la Apropiación Tecnológica, Una Propuesta Hackfeminista

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I will be in the programming language from 6pm BST (1.5 hours from now), with Q&A afterwards (assuming mic works).

claude heilland-allen aka @mathr playing CLIVE live coding in c for FAB CoLab Sound

streaming tonight my new live AV MDA Media Dark Ages with a new drum machine - pd patch by / handmade synth by noizoid / DIY LDR OSC by mutant monkeys / welcome to open source / open hardware alternative music

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Managed to get a lightly modified working with my interpreter for of .

It's implemented as a bit of hack modifying the core template pad.html at present, but it should be possible to port it to a standalone Etherpad plugin - I was just fighting with npm and node and require() and things I don't understand at all so took an easier way out.

Firefox's "strict" content blocking mode breaks it. Not sure why.

Artist and programmer Ralf Baecker explores the potential of technology and its fundamental mechanisms. “I think technology is a multi dimensional-complex and through its ubiquity, it is deeply interwoven into our human existence and ecology.” He said in an interview with Laura Netz for CLOT Magazine. Head to the link to read more

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Added EXR import to my calculator. Hacked an option into command line renderer to output raw histogram data to EXR. Ran a batch process to render and analyze some of the examples that come with Fractorium (in its Data/Bench directory).


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Ported my renderer to . Even on the is way too slow to be useful, it's quicker to get the same visual quality by plotting a zillion points.

The attached has around 8k samples per pixel, taking around 1min/frame (1 hour total). 256k subframes for motion blur, each being a single path of 16k iterations. Only plain simple stuff without xaos control..

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Welcome to, an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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