ARTFUTURA 2019 – PROCESSING THE FUTURE – WORKSHOP (Festival of Digital Culture & Creativity)
Sun 1 Dec 2019
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Heath Bunting - Intimacy Encryption Workshop

In a time of surveillance capitalism, privacy requires some radical
methods. A workshop in how to communicate secretly over any media using nothing more than sharing some special time together. Used very effectively by former fluffy groups such as Irish Republican Army and Palestine Liberation Organization. Heath Bunting is a contemporary British artist born in 1966. Based in Bristol, he is the founder of the site irational.orgwith Daniel García Andújar, Rachel Baker and Minerva Cuevas and was one of the early practitioners in the 1990s of Bunting's work is based on creating open and democratic systems by modifying communications technologies and social systems.


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