Sonic Electronics in collaboration with IKLECTIK will present next 20 May an event dedicated to Female Noise Composers.

As a network of sound artists, sonic practices, noise, computer music, audiovisual projects we are always looking for experimental works. If you have a new project that shows how computing has enhanced your performance, please contact us for the next event in June 2021.

Our aim is to play with challenging modes of computing that defy corporative, commercial software driven by profit.

We are calling to projects developed with open source operative systems and handmade / DIY software.

Friday 16 April Music Hackspace
17:00 Masterclass Leon Trimble
20:00 Live AV Performance Leon Trimble
Live Performance

ArtFutura @ Watermans present VideoMapping Workshop
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18
Narrating Structures: Videomapping Workshop. Special online edition
‘Narrating Structures’ is an intensive workshop where we introduce projection mapping.
We will look at diverse techniques for the production of audiovisual projects video and light mapping and its application in artistic and creative practice. In this edition for Art Futura, we will be focusing on how to stream your mapping content into a streaming service.
This online edition will present a 2-day workshop in sections with hands-on practice.

ArtFutura 2021 London

Festival of Digital Culture and Creativity

Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 April 2021

Presented online at Iklectik, Music Hackspace and Watermans Art Centre
ArtFutura has established itself as one of the most important international events dedicated to Digital Art, Virtual Reality and Computer Networks. Since the 1990s it has been bringing together artists, academics, students and audiences to experience cutting edge New Media Arts.

Thursday 15 April Iklectik

Friday 16 April Music Hackspace

Saturday 17 April at Watermans
Sunday 18 April at Watermans

Supported using public funding by
Arts Council England

Sonic Electronics - Williams / Yorke / Allen / Vo Ezn / Netz

IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,

with Jake Williams / Loula Yorke / Claude Heiland-Allen / Vo Ezn / Laura Netz

Saturday 27 February 2021 | 8.30pm (GMT)

IKLECTIK YT channel:


*Please support the artists! If you can donate, please do it at the following link: *

Sonic Electronics is an experimental event which happens 1st Wednesday monthly The Others – Stoke Newington.
Alternatively, Sonic Electronics plays one-off events at IKLECTIK.
We propose an anti-techno-capitalist approach to music genres like ambient, drone, techno, experimental, electronics, acousmatic, live coding, noise, vaporwave, glitch, industrial, post-punk, new wave…..
Sonic Electronics proposes an inclusive event to the LGBT community, female artists, no discrimination on gender, races, MH, disability.

Jake Williams

Loula Yorke

Claude Heiland-Allen

Vo Ezn

Laura Netz

@mathr @Pnze

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Next event im curating Sonic Electronics Thanks to Iklectik and the artists. Online streaming. Please join us!!!!

Jake Williams / Loula Yorke / Claude Heilland-Allen / Mika Motskobili / Laura Netz

Jake Williams

Loula Yorke

Claude Heiland-Allen

Mika Motskobili

Laura Netz
medial dark ages live performance


Today live av performance Ommatidia with mathr & netz fly vision algorithm visuals and handmade open source software/ hardware for an inclusive , partial and situated knowledge experience. At CUNAMEX school of arts science and technology. Live streaming.

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Today! @mathr & @netzzz will play Ommatidia at CUNA School of Art, Science and Technology, Mexico online via Zoom, Saturday 6th February 12pm(GMT-6). Free, registration required.

Open call for female artists to play online @ Sonic Electronics - OFF Iklectik - contact

IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,


Wednesday 13 January 2021 | 8.30pm (GMT)

IKLECTIK Youtube ch:

Corpora Aliena is pleased to present an IKLECTIK [off-site] online presentation of Eclectic Electronics – and features leading international and pioneering musicians, composers and sound artists, including: Nnja Riot – Jimmie Peggie – Laura Netz – James L .Malone – and Bernhard Living.

Jimmie Peggie
Bernhard Living
Nnja Riot
James L. Malone
Laura Netz

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modulating PWM drone with echoed high pitched things and various fast kicks (with a bit of DC offset, sorry)

source code composed in , rendered to WAV using barry command line version.

: dup { x -- x x }
x x

: env { a t -- a }
a t ~ 0x7FFF & dup * 15 >> dup * 15 >> * 15 >>

: audio { c t | r s -- o }
t 15 >> 3 2 c * + * 7 & 6 % 1 + -> r
t 256 r + * 9 >> 0xFF & t 256 r - * 9 >> 0xFF & - 1 >>
r t t t * * * 0xFF & i8 i64 -> s
s 2 * 0xFF & i8 i64 t 0x4000 - env 0 >>
s 3 * 0xFF & i8 i64 t 0x7000 - env 1 >>
s 5 * 0xFF & i8 i64 t 0xA000 - env 2 >>
+ + t 14 >> 7 & 7 != *
r t * ~ 0x3FFF & dup * 15 >> dup * 15 >> 0x7F & 0x40 - t 20 >> 3 & 0 != *
+ t 19 >> 3 & 0 != *
+ 1 >>

RUN audio
1 -> increment
0 -> time

(Previous one was 14th.)

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im not participating not organizing but sounds great
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