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DRHA 2022 Digital Sustainability: From Resilience to Transformation
Sunday 4 September - Open Day 16:30
at Town House Theatre
Laura Plana Gracia and Claude Heiland-Allen, Ommatidia – Open source live AV performance
@mathr @netzzz

Hi All! Playing today in London @netzzz & @mathr

Somer's Party (2022)

Part of the Somers Town Festival

Saturday, 9 July 2022 // noon - 8pm // Chalton Street, London NW1

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UK politics, asylum, dehumanising language 

I saw a quote on the BBC ( )

> "We will not stand idly by and let X, who are despicable in their nature and their conduct, evil people, treat human beings as cargo."

X is:

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Live stream to Preston from Heavy Lifting, @mathr and me starting in ~8 mins! You can sneak a watch here ->

Live coding ## first algorave in Preston ## live now ## thanks all Alex McLean heavylifting ## claude @ # melissa renee gonzales

IKLECTIK presents,
SMOLTECH: CONCERT w/ @mathr & xname & Rumble-San & digital selves & Heavy Lifting
Saturday 29 January 2022 | from 8pm – Open till midnight!
Tickets: £11 Early Bird / £13 Advance / £15 General Admission

IKLECTIK presents,
Saturday 22 January 2022 | 12pm – 5pm
Tickets: £25 (max 15 participant)

IKLECTIK presents,
w/ mathr [Claude Heiland-Allen + Laura Netz] Saturday 15 January 2022 | 12pm – 5pm
Tickets: £25 General Admission (max 10 people)

Workshop by mathr on live-coding audio in the C programming language using Clive.

Clive is a C audio live-coding skeleton. It allows you to hot-swap digital signal processing callbacks, providing automatic C code recompilation, object code reloading, and state preservation. This enables you to perform live: when you hit "Save" in the text editor, the sound changes according to changes made in the code.

The workshop will get Clive running on your system, and cover the basics of Linux system administration and Git (a version control system) via the command-line interface. Then it will move on to digital signal processing, and various sound synthesis and modification techniques.

To participate, you need to bring headphones and your own laptop running a GNU/Linux OS. Note that Clive does not work on Windows or macOS. If you have a 64bit Intel/AMD-compatible CPU (x86_64 or amd64; not i686; not arm; not aarch), and your system allows to boot from a USB stick, it is possible to run a custom Linux "live" operating system, without modifying your PC.

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Exhibition is over, deinstalled today with @netzzz

Big thanks to CT-20 gallery for helping everything go super smoothly.

Not yet unpacked the bags to put the old computers into storage for the next time. Tomorrow or so. I'll revert the two Raspberry Pis that were used as video loop players back to home media player / TV smartness and home web server for experiments (Barry etherpad version has been offline for a bit, as has Tokamak game server).

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On the way to Folkestone with @netzzz to give an artist talk.

5pm at CT-20 gallery 73 Tontine Street.

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Digital Earth - Break the Digital Monoculture: Interview with spideralex

Ciberfeminisme d’investigacció, Teories feministes de les tecnologies

INTERVIEW WITH SPIDERALEX We need to break the digital monoculture and challenge Big Tech in their relentless drive to transform our digital environment in its own image. Digital Earth...

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#UpcyclingAndroid is the FSFE's new initiative to help users overcoming #software #obsolescence. Every time we keep using our phone we support a more sustainable use of our resources. Our video explains the issue & how to tackle it using #FreeSoftware

#digital #sustainability

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smoltech / project about vs please check the website buy tickets - workshops and concerts / exhibition free in folkestone /
artists @mathr @xname @rumblesan digitalselves heavylifting curated by @netzzz

CT20 - Diverse Cultures from The Margins
Arts Council England

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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