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March against Extreme Unpredictable Weather Everywhere (EUWE) in Amsterdam - seems like there are quite a few people on the street despite the rainy weather.

Two presentations coming up:
March 2: Impakt - Augment & Disrupt - Future Interfaces - panel on "The Body Extended"
March 6: Fit for the Future - University of Utrecht
More details on my website:

The sound walk by Christina Kubisch that is part of the Sonic Acts exhibition is worth taking! I only managed to do part of it today, but will definately attempt to do the remainder later this week. It starts in the Brakke Grond, and takes you through various well known places in the centre.

And I very briefly saw her when I went out with the headphones - nice encounter after a long time since meeting her in Berlin in the Electronische Studio of the TU Berlin more than once in my time there!

It will feature a livecoded loom, and livesampled sounds from the loom - and it will be streamed in the toplap anniversary livestream:
@yaxu @dgg

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Coming to Berlin for @transmediale? or @CTMFestival?

Last chance to see our KOBA E-Textile Tailor Shop!

Closing exhibition: January 30th – February 3rd 2019

KOBA, Görlitzer Strasse 72, 10997 Berlin


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somehow managed to miss out on one of the most exciting 'hacks' demonstrated during : the rental housing syndicate in Germany.

135 solidarity organizations that keep rental in city centers by maintaining 'deprivatized' and 'unsellable' housing stock. These are collectively owned buildings with provisions against speculation. The organization is also involved in co-financing other similar housing projects.

Talk (german):

The talk also mentions related projects in and in

Project website: (currently down)

I have put a survey online for my book project:
If you are making interactive works or your own instruments with sensors, please help me out! just needs a few more supporters to start their platform for international unbreaking news!

De Correspondent goes international!
Join them if you are interested in supporting research journalism that looks beyond hypes.

yay, my performance proposal "Etudes pour le livecoding a une main" got accepted to ICLC2019. So ahead: practicing and finding a good piece to play (though I found some old Fredrik Olofsson performance, so I think I'll try that...).

and... software manuals and mapping libraries (in Pd) have been amongst the things I've read through. Attempting to abstract the knowledge and concepts that were put into them...

I'm at Terschelling on a self-organised writing&kiting retreat. So far 3744 words written, a bunch of graphs made, sections reorganised, half a book read, a bunch of more papers gathered and skimmed through, and a whole bunch of notes of things to write, discuss in the book somewhere, people to contact, and some ideas coming up in my head for future things to do (workshop concept: "mapping my mapping", as well as a format for describing mappings (software-independent).

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