wondering about an audio-only equivalent of peertube... does it exist already?

@320x200 Thanks! Thus far I've chosen for host controller and end device.

Writing about serial communication protocols... what are best practices to avoid the master/slave terminology?

We are still looking for artists to join our Bajesdorp project: collectively owned workspaces. Reactions still welcome until September 1st: bajesdorp.nl/het-nieuwe-bajesd

@celesteh I read somewhere that Google bought it in 2009...

Does anyone know of a google-free captcha like spam-prevention for wordpress contact forms?

My performance Code LiveCode Live will be livestreamed tonight, in an all new (well some old) version! Part of the 10 minute livecoding challenge of creativecodingutrecht.nl/
Also - an interview Behind the Screens.

Tonight, live at your home!*
A streamed event about embodiment through livecoding.
* if you tune in to the stream at 8pm

@rra yup, en (een deel van) de experts die de voorselectie hebben gedaan, neemt ook al afstand van het advies... daar is dus duidelijk wat misgegaan...

Are people still using double-click mouse button actions? Or did touchpads kill the doubleclick?

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