One of my current pipe dreams is to start up a cooperatively owned cafe that does computer and cellphone repairs (and helps people install free OSes on their old machines).

@mycorrhiza been dreaming of this as well. I was doing free phone repairs for friends last year and was really thinking about trying to start a spot to do that collectively

@liaizon the article is frustrating to read. Legislators made a law telling a federal agency to do a thing, and the agency was just like "nah".

It looks like there's the most help available for workers who want to buy out their boss and become a co-op. That's fine I guess, but a good reminder that there are a million ways that the law is stacked to help capitalists and not workers.

@mycorrhiza I'm of the notion to ignore all those laws and just have a spot that has no "legal recognition" cause all these laws are not for us anyway. Maybe piggyback on already non capitalist infrastructure? Get a library to loan out an extra room etc?

@liaizon Oh I'm all for that, but I think right now I'm just thinking of different issues. Like it's clear from the response to my post that I could probably find people near me who would want to be part of such a co-op. But... how are we going to pay rent and feed ourselves before we start making money?

@mycorrhiza that is also my pipedream

I was thinking of putting up a craigslist add offering to install custom roms or linux on old androids or pc's for like 20$

@tech_prole out of curiosity, could I be running something better/cooler than stock Android on my Pixel 3a?


are you shitting me? Pixel 3a supports the two most hardened android distros, GrapheneOS and CalyxOS

Main different is CalyxOS allows for microG gapps replacement, whereas grapheneos is google hostile.

Both are great roms and the firmware allows for boot loader relocking

@tech_prole whoa cool! I haven't dug into the world of alternative phone OSes at all, except for the fact that a BUNCH of people I follow on Fedi are into it.

I also see here that Google stopped supporting my phone in May. No wonder Maps has gotten so much less stable suddenly!

@mycorrhiza yeah a big reason to use custom roms is they often get updates well past official support, and the pixel series is beloved by hacker types, look into Calyx

@mycorrhiza you could also just run LineageOS or some other non hardened still cool room, google firmware is very dev friendly

@mycorrhiza I've got a monthly event like that in Nelson, New Zealand! Though its not just digital electronics, or just electronics!

@mycorrhiza I love participating! Its intellectually fun & rewarding!

@mycorrhiza this cannot be "pay its way" so cannot exist, maybe try something realistic like over throwing capitalism first then you can have a non "pay to use" space to do something like this :)

@Hamishcampbell @mycorrhiza afaik this hasn't been tried, so for some people it might be an alternative to wastefully dumping old hardware. Another thing which might expand is municipal wifi, in which the cost of communications is more spread out. Maybe you can no longer afford an ISP subscription but there are other ways and places to connect.

@mycorrhiza I like the co-op idea.

Alas, not a single co-op to which I have applied has so much as deigned me with an interview. ;-/

@mycorrhiza Maybe some day hyper capitalism or its more than welcome and overdue alternatives will make peace with me?

In the meantime I continue to strive to make peace with myself.

Not easy going particularly when so much has price tags on it in present day human existence.

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