Hello! I am a scientist and parent looking to chat with folks about the future — the scary parts and also the hopeful parts. I'm interested in , the small internet, and doing more with less. I've been writing at and more recently sharing stuff at

@mycorrhiza Your top post about cyborgs and the state is fascinating. I’m not sure I completely agree with the premise —that one of the state’s main roles is allowing us to outsource caring about people we don’t know. Instead, it’s that the state allows us to share ressources with people we don’t know. I realize that’s related to caring, but I think it’s important to recognize how it’s different.

@gwenn Thanks for reading! I definitely agree that "outsourcing caring" isn't the main role of the state (I would argue that "inflicting violence" is their main role). I guess I think of it as en emergent property of living in a state.

Hi! I'm an old person (with crackpot tendencies) who'd like to feel that the human experiment will collectively create a future sufficiently hospitable to life that I might feel okay about grandchildren.

I figure that computers and online networks are genies that won't go back in the bottle so we better master them and use them to invent better ways of doing community.

I'm starting what WOULD be a movement if there was more than just me.


@baslow Nice to meet you! Have you read @viznut's writings on Permacomputing? I feel like these might resonate with you.
“There are many different islands (groups and individuals) that use different terminology and that are only now discovering each other. It is therefore important to build bridges between the islands.”
There's been a lot of development, even in just the last year. This exactly why I finally joined the fediverse.

@mycorrhiza @viznut

I haven't! Thanks! As an old dog in search of new tricks I'll take a look after I return from my morning constitutional.

In case you're interested...

@mycorrhiza gemini and adobe (the name i give to what i think to be the same as cob)! tell me more about your interests.

have you heard of tamera? or cabrum and remy capatti? (here i attach 2 photos from mouriscas) probably neither. 🤣

even looks very interesting to me, you might enjoy to learn about.

all people i've met and worked briefly with.

the future will always be more bright than dark, ever so slightly... and the more we embrace reality, the more we can see the wonders in it.

@cregox Gorgeous! I have so much to learn; that's exactly why I joined. I'm grateful to meet you!

@mycorrhiza Welcome to the fediverse! I'm a relatively new dad myself and a programmer. I like #permacomputing, but it doesn't really keep me employed at the moment so I need to work in less interesting areas.

@edd I feel you — my current day job isn't exactly making the world a better place either.

Welcome to the fediverse. In relation to your handle, my M.S. thesis way back before quantum computing was a twinkle in a physicist's eye was on mycorrhizal impacts on phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soils.

@GreenFire That is SO COOL. I sometimes worry that the juxtaposition of my handle (@mycorrhiza) and my bio (where I self-identify as “scientist”) will give people the impression that I have any expertise in fungi. This is decidedly not the case. My academic research has become increasingly irrelevant to my day jobs in industry. Like many ex-academics, I get by mostly on knowing how to program and do statistics.

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