My partner and I are supposed to move to Ireland, from the USA, in a month. Still haven't found any housing. Gah!

Anyone know anyone who may be able to help us out? We're both artists/academics, and my partner has a job already at UCD in Dublin. We just need a place to land, even if its temporary. House sitting, apartment, house rental, private rooms, we're open to anything within 1 hour commute to Dublin via public transit.

If you know anyone who could help we would greatly appreciate it! We're almost in despair-mode 😅

I don't have a lot of followers on here, but feel free to boost this post if you're comfortable doing that!

Thank you to everyone who boosted and messaged and shared and helped. We are in better shape than before! We have a few options and we have our lodging sorted for at least the first few weeks.

We still haven't found actual permanent housing, but it looks like that just isn't possible in Dublin if you're not literally there, on the ground. Hopefully we'll get it figured out!

Thank you all, we appreciate it so much. It really is humbling to have received so much care and attention and aid from virtual strangers. That in itself is a boon!

@msh Dublin has a serious housing and homelessness crisis, which has become an obstacle to attracting (and keeping) early career researchers. Your wife's department will know this only too well. Try being more insistent with them and with the university's HR department. Another one to maybe reach out to at UCD is Mick Byrne. He is active in housing rights and tenants activism, and may have some advice that the others will not.

@jmnw Thank you so much for the tip!

Her colleagues are aware, are very understanding, and have been helpful but so far nothing has panned out. This is really useful advice. Mick Byrne was not someone we were put in touch with.

Thank you again so much!

@msh No worries. If it is weird contacting Mick out of the blue, tell him you know me, Jim White, and that I suggested it.

@jmnw Thank you! We're sending Mick an email now and mentioning your name. If you're able to send him a quick note from your end, that might help ensure that he sees our email. But thank you again for the help--it's really good to feel like we're not totally alone in this!

@msh Also, have you seen that Rob Kitchin (Maynooth Uni) is looking for a creative technologist to work on his ERC project? Seems like you might be a good fit for the position.

@jmnw I hadn't seen that! To be honest I have barely looked for work myself, we've been so focused on solving the housing issue.

I'll look into this right away though. Thank you thank you thank you!

@msh Wont you have all the student rental stuff empty for the summer?

@penguin42 so far we've found nothing available. Most landlords don't even reply to our enquiries, and the few who have have told us they're not considering us because we are not already in Ireland.

So, we're trying to find even something short term so that we have a place to land and a base to continue our housing search from.

Do you have any ideas or places we could look for some housing?

@msh I don't know Dublin; but are there University owned/associated Halls? They're often setup for visiting academics and postgrads. Or the student accomodation office?

@penguin42 unfortunately the housing that the university has is all booked up, so no luck there.


I believe @aral wrote some things up about their recent forced move, and it may help - he may have some pointers of things to be sure to read up on.

@msh Heya! I’m assuming you’ve looked on The rental situation here is ridiculously bad, sadly. If you’re looking at Dublin, your best bet might be one of those corporate-owned new builds. At least you know you won’t be evicted due to a landlord’s whim. Also, have you asked the university for help?

Sorry I can’t be of more use. We basically lucked out in finding a place in a different city, jumped on it, and are paying through the nose for it as we speak. Yay, capitalism! :)


@msh @Truck PS. We’re in Kilkenny, which is likely too far (and there are times when there are no properties available for rent in a city of 22,000 people) but if you’re looking this far, do say hi. Will be happy to show you around.

@aral @Truck thank you so much for the help!

Unfortunately the university isn't able to provide any housing. We have been looking on daft for months and have sent many emails and made many phone calls but no one is interested (since we're not physically in the country yet).

We're hoping to find something short term (even just a week or two) to use as a base for securing something longer term.

I hear you on the corporate rentals. Puts a bad taste in my mouth but may be our only option for the time being.

Sorry to hear you had so much trouble out your way too! I'll definitely be in touch if I find myself out that way! Count me as a new reader of your website 🙂


Assuming you are looking at for the housing.

Also the Transport for Ireland site would help with figuring out commute times

UCD is a little awkard, coming from outside of Dublin you probably have to make at least one change if relying on public transport.

A lot will be up in the air at the moment, many students might have deposits awaiting offers for their courses 1st week Sept. So more might become available then.

@kdrummond thank you for the insight, Keith! Much appreciated 🙂

@msh This may not be helpful, since we moved to NZ instead, and everything we owned was on a shipping container for a month after we arrived, but in case it's useful... We stayed in a hostel for 3 weeks so we'd have time to get to know areas around the city and look at rentals before we made longer term decisions. (I've only been to Dublin once many years ago, but the hostel we stayed in then had friendly and helpful staff.)

@avy Thank you so much! This is something to consider for sure if we can find something within our budget.

@msh Yeah, for us the hostel was cheaper than the rental houses 😭 But we did eventually find a decent rental well outside the city. Best of luck with your big move!!

We have family living in Kenmare but that's not close to Dublin. Kenmare is a lovely place and the people are amazing!
I can pass your message onto them on WhatsApp, but not sure if they can help you? 🤔

@anniemo71 thank you so much! Kenmare looks to be in a truly lovely spot, but yes, certainly quite a haul to Dublin!

If you could pass my message along, and see if they know anyone closer to Dublin, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Ok will do. Our grandaughter was in Dublin but not sure where she is now.
We can only ask and hope we get lucky


I have not had any luck so far.
It looks as though our granddaughter is travelling again, I was hoping she would know someone. She is somewhere in the wilds of Peru according to her Facebook page!
If anything turns up I will let you know. Good luck!

Did you try trustroots or bewelcome vor similar couchsurfing platforms?

@msh (I don't have anything to propose but hey I'll join dublin with my partner in october)

@Nocta please reach out in the future! By October we should be settled somewhere (I hope).

@msh That's very nice thanks ! Fortunately my partner's company will provide an appartment for 2 month, but we'll have 2 month to find something ^^'

@Nocta nice! Good luck with that, and if anything comes up, or you just want to commiserate with another immigrant, let me know!

@msh we were researching this and ran into that problem, too. For temporary stuff there are a number of AirBnB, at least, which might work as a stopgap.

@bigzaphod thank you so much! We may end up doing just that, though prices in and around Dublin are incredibly high.

@msh we’ve been trying to do the same… I’ll happily follow your progresses!

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