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been listening to my favorite rei harakami album again in wasuremono. particularly like this track kietakoi a lot. the syncopation in the chords is nice, i like the plucky/staccato synth bass sounds, and also like how certain layers like the bell-like synths "float" with the panned delay, sitting a little back in the texture, and it sounds like maybe a touch of reverb (at least on the snaps)?

pretty sure tbox sang for tlc. thank you tbox for teaching me about ontology learning.

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i read the phrase "homogenous body of episteme" in an academic paper last week and it's still stuck in my head this week. i would watch a show where the town is making hasty preparations to deal with the imminent arrival of the homogenous body of episteme or play a game where you have to collect relics at the end of seven dungeons and the homogenous body of episteme was at the end of the fifth one.

also kinda helping are TBox and ABox which I've never heard about in my life either (reading about ontology learning)

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coming across the ideas of intension and extension for the first time and my brain is hurting but this post is kind of helping

fav papers from last week:
= "Constructing knowledge and transforming the world" by Edith Ackermann
- ties together the educational theories of Piaget, Papert, Vygotsky (constructivism and constructionism)

= "From the general to the situated: three decades of metacognition" by Petros Georghiades
- traces the development of metacognitive theory with respect to education and concludes that the definition of metacognition is kind of a muddled mess

just ran into an academic publisher website that DRMs full book downloads, and limits downloads of chapters per day and has a time delay between clicking on downloads and letting you actually download and of course I didn't know about the download limit so I ran out of downloads before I got to the chapter I actually wanted...

"Formative assessment and self-regulated learning: a model and seven principles of good feedback practice" by Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick was nice too. it's basically about how teachers can encourage students in managing their own learning.

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think my favorite reading from last week's paperthon was "Towards knowledge-based tutors: a survey and appraisal of Intelligent Tutoring Systems" by Sokolnicki. it basically breaks down intelligent tutoring systems into each module and connects them with knowledge-based topics

i finally got my microphone working in linux on my thinkpad p15. it's probably been,.. 3-4 months?

i guess it only works with sof so i have to force using sof in my grub file like so (mainly putting this here just in case i need to fix it again):

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash snd_intel_dspcfg.dsp_driver=3 acpi_backlight=native"

updates on using jabref: it's definitely a buggy experience (not-crashy-but-still-annoying runtime exceptions when using search, sometimes weird, inexplicable behavior when putting in new entries that are similar to old entries) but still enjoying the parsing abilities when it works (can parse plaintext into biblatex and back) and the defaults feel less itunes-y than zotero (doesn't copy over PDFs to its own weird folder structure and instead defaults to links to your existing PDFs) which is a good thing. overall liking the jabref experience a bit more than zotero (having weirdly sticking pop-ups no matter which window was on top wasn't helping zotero's case either).

shingo natsume anime seem to have pretty solid soundtracks. watching acca right now but watched sonny boy last year and it had a lot of mid-air thief who have this awesome album "crumbling". i guess they're folksy electronic sorta stuff? pretty synthy, a lot of melty glissando-y sorta things, pretty colorful orchestration . their tune "yamabiko's theme" for sonny boy made for a pretty memorable episode, had a lot of synthy swells with erratic, glitchy tremelo stuff that reminds me a lot of autechre's foldfree casual, my personal fav track off out of the elseq albums.

i suppose one positive from this class is that i'm using workspaces in my desktop environment for the first time in my computing life,... except for right now the workspaces are 1) the billions of pdfs i have open for class and 2) a browser with crunchyroll open for anime breaks. how do y'all use workspaces

investigating jabref as an alternative to zotero for managing citations: . feels a little less clunky than zotero so far (leverages the system pdf viewer for example). google scholar integration doesn't seem as good but the parsing abilities of jabref seems pretty neat (and libraries are stored as bibtex)

just read "developing the theory of formative assessment" by paul black and dylan wiliam and a lot of it (most of it) went way over my head, but it's got connections to self-regulated learning and metacognition and constructionism and opens a lot of trails to follow and now i will go to bed hopefully not dreaming about any of it but it's a good read

i have to read so many papers in the first three weeks of this class and i'm such a slow reader and my brain is fried but constructionism is pretty fun thing to read about.

also, it's (asian pacific islander heritage month) in the united states and i found pbs's "asian americans" a good solid overview of asian american history and some current issues (well, current as of 2020ish? i don't think it covers covid-related things and the latest waves of violence) and it looks like its free to stream at least here for now

things i've been listening to this week:

boat - roro : prob one of my all-time favorite albums, i guess they're post-rocky/alt-rocky? esp the last track "circle sound" is fantastic and super catchy and energetic (there's a low-quality yt vid of the music vid for this song out there). guitarists later formed a band called natsumen which is also great (and the first song off of roro sounds like "cicada sing the galaxy" off of endless summer record).

sawako - madoromi : dreamy ambient electronic soundscapes. i wanted to sound like her for the longest time (and still do) but never quite figured out how.

being subscribed to various programming language subreddits, it annoys me when people bring up issues of working with a language and having their hard drives slowly being eaten up my GBs and GBs of libraries and packages and they get responses like "data storage is dirt cheap nowadays, buy more storage", ugh

been trying to make use of my schooling and do something with my week off from school so i made a little sudoku solver in using constraint propagation and the most constrained variable heuristic: . was thinking of doing the wasm thing and making a webapp for it but eh, mb later.

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