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ah, now i'm running into the limitations of having a free account on vimeo and i'm not able to set the quality of a player with just a free account and i'm unhappy again

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TIL YouTube's player API is really horrible to work with and the way they suggest loading it is really weird and indirect and also wasted a few hours trying to figure out how to get it to actually work. Vimeo's player API on the other hand... actually works the way including a JS library should actually work and doesn't have any weird redirects to totally different domains

i have recurring dreams of going to an arcade and i kinda wonder what made going to the arcade a special experience vs staying at home and wasting my days away on a genesis. are arcades still a thing (granted covid didn't kill the last of them)? was what made arcades special communality or accessibility (emphasis on pick up and play and shorter experiences)? is there a nowadays equivalent to arcades?

would anybody know a way of way of hosting music somewhere to be streamable but not downloadable (bonus points if there's some api i can trigger from javascript)?

i usually don't care about making things downloadable (and I would rather things be downloadable), but this music isn't mine (and i don't want to get hit by copyright things) and it's for an academic-oriented visualization (and we're wanting to tie the music into it) so we're also in the process of trying to get permission and/or figure out fair-use sorta things.

in other news, I'm presenting (well, being zoom present and having a prerecorded presentation shared) at mgss hosted by mcgill tmw on my project with sofy yuditskaya and sophia sun which was a ml-based karaoke art installation:


ai, robotics, grad school 

what i like and don't like about this robotics ai class is that if i mess around enough, i can get things working moderately well and not know quite why it works. which i guess is the case with a lot of code sometimes but also means i should probably study for the final.

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ai, robotics, grad school 

i've been taking robotics: ai techniques this semester and i'm actually enjoying these ai sorts of things, although it seems like 95% of getting these things to work is in the tuning and I don't think we've been given nearly enough info how how to tune these things and I'm still not very good at it.

i find it fun how it's taking these simple sounding ideas and you write code and oh hey, look at you over there you're doing things all by yourself that's pretty cool. not sure how to apply it to my art things yet and i don't think i wanna get into robotics (so what am i going to do with learning ai things?! dunno quite yet) but it makes me wanna take the rest of the ai-related classes. i'm also appreciating how so far it feels way less stats-y than ml-related material i've come across so far (bc i never really particularly liked stats) and we don't have to download huge data sets but we'll see where this all goes.

anybody use a metronome app on their phone around here? looking to ask a bunch of questions for a research project for an hci class i'm currently taking if so and if you're interested, my dms are open. thx <3

polybius squares, boxes, and shaders 

online gallery I curate for has a little project called "Yours, AML Space" where we send around a box and decorate it as we are fit and this is my little contribution. Made something in to generate stylized depictions of polybius squares ( ) showing the positions within the square and the sides showing in dots the rows and columns the letters lay in the square when encoded. The squares say "CONNECTION" and are overlaid a picture I took from the... Denver airport I think? Some airport a long time ago and I used a fragment shader to basically reverse the colors where the square bits are.

The little blurb I've been posting along with this picture is: "a connection based on the same shared earth, underneath the same big sky." because I suppose particularly for me its easy to forget we're all in this same physical world together even though we might not see each other physically? and it seemed fitting for this project.

i really like the production the latest jaga jazzist album wrt the different senses of space layered on top of each other

"circulating ocean" also sounds really debussy-ish to me too and oh hey look what it got put on the same album with. well, mb this part isn't so debussy-ish but i like this part

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reading stuff for hci class and listening to this ol' thing again: think "from me flows what you call time" was one of the first pieces i really liked with a lot of percussion in it (being a percussionist and all) and i still like it a lot.

also there is so much debussy in it but then again i think a lot of things sound like debussy

anybody have any ideas of a wearable accelerometer/gyro sensor that is close to ready-to-go out-of-the-box as possible? i'm working on a project with somebody across the country and not quite sure of their circuitry/soldering skills so want to make it simple for them as possible. low-cost a plus.

the closest thing i've come up with is an adafruit feather with a built-in nrf/bluetooth: and a featherwing 9-dof imu: and it looks like we'll have to get one of their li-ion batteries too.

just finished an assignment at 530 am with a due date of 6. I am not good at concentrating and just getting things done but I guess the great thing about online school is that I don't have to sprint from the parking lot to turn in a paper (go away embarrassing memories)

how vs what 

finally finishedmy online irb citi training last night and it's kinda interesitng how much the way things are presented makes me enthusiastic or not enthusiastic about something (not sure if that's a flaw of mine or not). like the training was all about ethics in research which I'd think is something i'd at least find interest in, but the way it was presented makes me not want to learn more about it or think about it for awhile...

kinda reminds me of when i took a C programming class in undergrad it was such a boring and unorganized class that it def didn't help steer me in the "doing things with computers" path or get me interested in computers and look at what I'm up to these days

i didn't pursue music when i first started out in undergrad half-bc the playing music in high school situation was horrible and i hated it... but then i later got a doctorate in playing music lol

anyways, this makes me consider how vs what in different contexts like how things are taught for example

i have gone through 3 of the 16 modules and i'm really dreading going through the rest of them. i fell asleep going through the second one.

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i have been taking irb citi training for my hci class and i get the importance of it all but it is one heck of a slog to get through and the way it's presented just burns the heck out of my brain where i really just don't want to think anymore and i can't help but wonder if there's a more effective way of presenting the information. even the audio/video components are just a synthesized voice reading huge chunks of text on slides that don't auto-advance and it's like whyyyyyyyyy

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