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โ€‹Now playing: Derek Kwan (and mb Cai too as Caider) / California (and maybe Vancouver) / TidalCycles (and maybe live visuals) / America/Los_Angeles

tune used as the intro for my set with . since i've been thinking of the orihime and hikoboshi tale ever since finishing steins;gate 0 (thx anime!), this tune is named after the milky way and is about instances of hazy fluidity and how we can feel stuck in them or trapped by them at times.



i like when i am sitting in my room in the dark in the middle of the night and i start thinking about cheese and then i go to the fridge and there is cheese. even tho i wake up the cat, it is a wonderful moment (+ she is cute when she wakes up with those groggy half-opened eyes).

"desert dusk" is one of the tunes i used for the set at @NetworkMusicFestival in July and is prob one of the prettier things i've written. it is about transitions and the magical things that can happen in those in-between, gray areas. also, "desert dusk" would make a wonderful scented candle addition to any living arragement.


back on my polybius square game, have to find other relatively basic encoding schemes that could be potentially visually interesting

the only navigation app I got on my phone is google earth bc you gotta see the big picture in life

ugrad freshman yr we were allotted one (1) pc of fruit to take back from the dining commons and ofc i took adv and took my one (1) pc of fruit back and immed chucked it in the freezer bc why not so by every break my dorm room freezer was full of rock hard frosty apples + oranges

i just made a tomato bisque with bacon and it turned out alright, but the point is that if i ever opened up a soup restaurant i'd totally call it risky bisqueness

dreamt I woke up in the parking lot of a pizza place to meet up w ppl but 1st we had to go get hand soaps dispensed from a soft-serve machine and you could get them in swirls but the trick was to add ice to the soap tub 1st bc I mean how else you gonna keep the swirl soaps cool??

i couldn't even smell the swirl soaps in my dream which is a shame bc that is my fav part of soapshopping and i bet my brain could come up with nifty scents like "basil turnip solstice" (or bts for short) or "albacore embrace" well mb not the last one

If you feel like a very very different topic - and now for something different.

"The marsupialsโ€™ bums are made up of four plates fused together and surrounded by cartilage, fat, skin and fur. Alyce Swinbourne, an expert in wombat bottoms from the University of Adelaide, says wombats will use their backside to โ€œplugโ€ up their burrows, stopping predators entering and protecting softer areas of their anatomy."

Read all about it!

around practicing my kickturns, watching a neighbor trying to have 1/3 of a dead tree taken down by truck/chain, and humming along to joanna newsom tunes bc that is the official music for taking down dead trees and skateboarding. kickturn/manual tips welcome.

finished "a place further than the universe" about highschool girls becoming friends and going to antarctica (which i mean is what all proper friends do really please i want to see wild penguins + aurora borealis) and it is so ridiculously full of heartwarm + wholesome

first song from my live set with cai visuals as part of for emergent behavior. the title is inspired by the "burnt field" arc of the "march comes in like a lion" anime and is about things that despite changing circumstances, continue to burn however dimly and will hopefully one day burn brightly.

next up for is a 20-minute set in the 21-23 israel time slot on wednesday featuring 3 new tunes by me and video by (Cai)

achievement: I can ride down 1/3 of my driveway and navigate all those slight bumps and slope changes onto the street and stay on and also get on my board on a gentle slope I am such an extreme skateboarder now you don't even wanna know ๐Ÿ›น๐Ÿ”ฅ

here's a picture of said 1/3, yeah I totally conquered that:

my friends sofy yuditskaya and sophia sun and i wrote about our generative desert karaoke -powered installation Karaoke of Dreams and we are talking about it tmw and it's gonna be pretty rad and also i'm dubbing it the talk of dreams in my head

been out of music school for yrs and still have dreams about having so many pieces to learn for a final recital I haven't started yet :( but also dreamt I was with friends taste testing lemon marmelades one of them was making and we had to drive to get more lemons :)

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