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finished "a place further than the universe" about highschool girls becoming friends and going to antarctica (which i mean is what all proper friends do really please i want to see wild penguins + aurora borealis) and it is so ridiculously full of heartwarm + wholesome

first song from my live set with cai visuals as part of for emergent behavior. the title is inspired by the "burnt field" arc of the "march comes in like a lion" anime and is about things that despite changing circumstances, continue to burn however dimly and will hopefully one day burn brightly.

next up for is a 20-minute set in the 21-23 israel time slot on wednesday featuring 3 new tunes by me and video by (Cai)

achievement: I can ride down 1/3 of my driveway and navigate all those slight bumps and slope changes onto the street and stay on and also get on my board on a gentle slope I am such an extreme skateboarder now you don't even wanna know 🛹🔥

here's a picture of said 1/3, yeah I totally conquered that:

my friends sofy yuditskaya and sophia sun and i wrote about our generative desert karaoke -powered installation Karaoke of Dreams and we are talking about it tmw and it's gonna be pretty rad and also i'm dubbing it the talk of dreams in my head

been out of music school for yrs and still have dreams about having so many pieces to learn for a final recital I haven't started yet :( but also dreamt I was with friends taste testing lemon marmelades one of them was making and we had to drive to get more lemons :)

i am pretty sure that condenser mics are called that because they condense the sound into little beans that you have to pour out after every recording session and they need phantom power bc i mean who else is going to condense the sound but tiny little powerful phantoms

a bit about my process (and other people's processes) in the aftermath of (both the live coding marathon and the movie)

new achievement: skating down (imperceptibly gentle) downhill slopes in parking lots and making very wide turns out of them while going "omgomgomgomgomgomg" in my head

a recording of the tune i used to close out my set at . i adapted it from an unfinished glockenspiel duo and i'm calling it snowblue passage

soundcloud link:

bandcamp link:

a lot of my dreams have different pivot points throughout which is kinda neat structurally but also a bit difficult (but doable) to follow but also why am I doing a formal analysis of my dreams

the end product of my time collaborating with a bunch of talented, created folks during working with biometrics (through emotibit sensors) in dance (contributed with some sounds):

the parenthesized bits of track titles for the new deerhoof album kinda remind me of those "i wanna start a band, here are my musical influences" flyers you see posted...... and actually mb not too far from what i'd list if i ever posted something like that lol

Love-Lore 4 (Tenney/Silver Apples/Police/Kraftwerk/Williams/Feldman/Sun Ra/Parliament/Puthli/Morricone/Babbitt/B52s/Gubaidulina/Powell/Warwick/Graeber/Bailey/Jetsons/Braxton/Kurtag/Maxwell House/Stravinsky/Caetano/Nono/Penderecki/Cage/Brecht)

i'd totally respond to this flyer

experimented with and reversing colors last year in that I should get back to at some point. had these ideas of the worlds of "nature" and "digital-sorta aesthetics" (vague ideas I know) intermingling in various ways...

first day of learning how to skateboard: fell 4 times and kept landing on my wrist (prob not good) and scraped up the tail but i managed to get up and down the street...ish. this is pretty fun and should have documented it for when i win the x games next yr. then after i win, loafers patched up with headphone wire will become synonymous with skating and then vans will make a signature skate loafer for me.

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