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i have two things tmw (Aug 17):

A 2 pm pst talk about my lofi video bombaybeach made in and as part of the media festival.

I'm doing a 10 pm pst set as with my visualist friend cai as part of the marathon (was so tempted to include twilight samples but mb next time) and i see many familiar names at so I will see you all there

I am doing this year (titled ) doing things and we have an event coming up next Friday with the Battery Dance Festival where I mess around with voice samples and take in OSC data to adjust my messing around with aforementioned voice samples

In other news, I made a video ( ) from footage I took from that aforementioned Bombay Beach residency and a low-res version of it is being featured here and also I'm taking part in a roundtable event Aug 18 at 2 PM PST

So I music/digital media curate for a virtual gallery a friend started up called and I wrote about a few pieces by friends I met at a residency now known as Mars College off the Salton Sea at Bombay Beach that might interesting to the crowd here (my section is about 3/4 through the page, you can click the names at the top of the page too).

In particular, I wrote about Jonas Johannson's VISTA (namely Pligrim and Berg ) which are three.js scenes inspired by screensavers and dreams and Anokhi.Shah's "paw_cosm" which tells a fictional narrative through a networked series of Instagram accounts and also exists in VR format

don't have anything much in the way of code/music to show lately so I will kick off my migration to lurk with Nikko getting some miles in on the treadmill

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