@pixouls have you ever tried miso peanut butter cookies? i found the recipe in nytimes and baked it and i gotta say it has got that salty-sweet thing going on

@yaxu mine are black and i always can't find them in the morning and i've always found it cruel that you kinda need your glasses to find your glasses. i don't have any fun pinks or magentas but mb turquoise duct tape will do.

@pixouls stickers and decorating things are fun and I guess nothing is permanent and you'll lose stickers anyways just as you replace laptops and helmets and skateboards and phones (things in my life i put stickers on at least). i guess i see it as a solid surface like a laptop is a bit more reliable than the paper backing a sticker is on. I guess it's an issue when you get your comp fixed and they replace a panel or just ship you a new one tho but my laptop ran out of warranty anyways so that's not gonna happen with this one.

but you do you, not everybody has to like decorating things with stickers =)

how vs what 

finally finishedmy online irb citi training last night and it's kinda interesitng how much the way things are presented makes me enthusiastic or not enthusiastic about something (not sure if that's a flaw of mine or not). like the training was all about ethics in research which I'd think is something i'd at least find interest in, but the way it was presented makes me not want to learn more about it or think about it for awhile...

kinda reminds me of when i took a C programming class in undergrad it was such a boring and unorganized class that it def didn't help steer me in the "doing things with computers" path or get me interested in computers and look at what I'm up to these days

i didn't pursue music when i first started out in undergrad half-bc the playing music in high school situation was horrible and i hated it... but then i later got a doctorate in playing music lol

anyways, this makes me consider how vs what in different contexts like how things are taught for example

i have gone through 3 of the 16 modules and i'm really dreading going through the rest of them. i fell asleep going through the second one.

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i have been taking irb citi training for my hci class and i get the importance of it all but it is one heck of a slog to get through and the way it's presented just burns the heck out of my brain where i really just don't want to think anymore and i can't help but wonder if there's a more effective way of presenting the information. even the audio/video components are just a synthesized voice reading huge chunks of text on slides that don't auto-advance and it's like whyyyyyyyyy

@freebliss when i got to the scene with the TV in Act I, I knew it was going to be something really special

@pixouls i constantly run my tongue across the back roots of my teeth bc i have receding gums but to be more on topic i wore braces for the longest time and had a retainer afterwards and totally neglected wearing it so my teeth are moderately straight but a little crooked

remoteness and physicality 

as great as remote options are (and i wouldn't have the opp to pursue a master's in cs otherwise), it feels weird and this is coming from somebody who grew up not really being around a lot of people/growing up internet-oriented and have a default state of that

like it feels weird to watch a lecture and then not exiting a lecture hall with other people even though i might not really talk to them

going through school originally as a performer, it feels really weird doing online algoraves and not being on a stage and being at home the entire time. not many people would come to student recitals but still, the stage is this special thing and has this special aura where i can be not-me and the after-performance situations which sometimes felt kinda anticlimactic i still liked

i guess then, despite me being me, i kinda value physicality and it is irreplaceable? physical places have auras, set moods and people do as well. so much is lost that can't be captured remotely (and could they ever be captured?).

i suppose part of this ramblings is that with grad school being grad school and me being me that i have back-of-the-mind fears that i will get lost in my own little world again without the chance and non-chance situations that being physically going to school forces me into but we will see...

first day of online grad school and oh man, i totally forgot what being in school is like and how do i even student anymore lol

picked hci bc it seems the most applicable to the stuff i've been doing lately? but also apparently it is a lot of reading and writing every week and i am a very slow (and easily distracted) reader (and writer) so that makes me a bit nervous...

ai robotics bc i'm planning on going down the ai/human-related specialization (basically the most human-related specialization they have and i didn't want to go to straight up ml or robotics or software design) and mb some autonomous agent sorta thing could show up in my art stuff from it

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registered for "human computer interaction" and "robotics: ai techniques" today for my first semester as an online grad student and it has been a long time since i've been in school and an even longer time since i've been a non-art-related student so we will see how this all goes...

@pixouls i have my cv hosted on github that my website links to so i took it one step farther lol. i only have my e-mail on there though, i haven't had any problems yet but also i don't think i'm all that popular lol

i even tend to use my real name for everything (well, close enough to my real name). i used to use my online handle (as in the handle here) for everything but i went through music school and in the classical music world it's kinda weird not to use your real name for things like online presences but i guess i'm also slowly moving away from that world too so i've been using my online handle for more things but it's kinda too late to switch my accounts on other sites so those stick for now.

@pixouls thx! i am good or now on the canto learning resources for now, i think i will have enough on my plate coming up with going back to school and everything but i will get back to you if i change my mind!

what sorts of math rock from china? i guess i watch hk and taiwanese movies every now and then, i follow some electronic artists from the mainland (but that doesn't have any language in it), and i like teresa teng.

i think i have good momentum going in japanese for now and i wanna keep that going even when i start school again... i get excited whenever words and phrases pop up that i recognize from anime or jpop lol.

@Pulsaare i like them a lot <3 particularly pd... the graphical dataflow thing just works so well in some instances. well, not complicated logic instances, it gets really painful and slow at that point and also my carpal tunnel flares up from connecting tiny outlets to tiny inlets...

but like, timing/scheduling things are really easy to think about in pd and plus you have udp/tcp functionality that's really simple to use and i've used it in many instances where i really could've used something else bc of that simplicity

@yaxu thx, i'll check your work out!

yep, familiar with pink trombone =P i've always found it kind of a risque sounding name...

@n1ckfg tyvm for the leads! skeleton tracking would prob be preferred. i never invested in hardware myself and i might be working with another person remotely who i don't think has hardware either (linux on my end and mac on their end). i worked with the original kinect on macs (2013/14 i think?) and i remember it being somewhat painful to get everything working but doable but that situation getting worse and worse over time...

been looking at speech synthesis again and came across this which seems preeeeeeeeetty darn comprehensive: charlesames.net/sound/speech-s .

previously only futzed around with vowel formants in pure data and was looking into how to model consonants but it looks like there many more worms in the can i have opened 😩 😩 😩 (on a sidenote, do worms really come in cans and is the worm-in-can packaging method problematic?)

what is are the kinects/leap motions of nowadays (stuff for body/limb tracking)? do people still play around with kinects/leap motions and are there better/more open solutions these days? it's been awhile since i've worked with any motion tracking stuff (5+ yrs)...

@Pulsaare public transportation must be pretty scary these days tbh. you should just skateboard all the way there, you can do it.

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