tune used as the intro for my set with . since i've been thinking of the orihime and hikoboshi tale ever since finishing steins;gate 0 (thx anime!), this tune is named after the milky way and is about instances of hazy fluidity and how we can feel stuck in them or trapped by them at times.

bc: derekxkwan.bandcamp.com/track/

sc: soundcloud.com/dxkzh/silver-ri

"desert dusk" is one of the tunes i used for the set at @NetworkMusicFestival in July and is prob one of the prettier things i've written. it is about transitions and the magical things that can happen in those in-between, gray areas. also, "desert dusk" would make a wonderful scented candle addition to any living arragement.

sc: soundcloud.com/dxkzh/desert-du

first song from my live set with cai visuals as part of for emergent behavior. the title is inspired by the "burnt field" arc of the "march comes in like a lion" anime and is about things that despite changing circumstances, continue to burn however dimly and will hopefully one day burn brightly.
sc: soundcloud.com/dxkzh/ember-con
bc: derekxkwan.bandcamp.com/track/

next up for is a 20-minute set in the 21-23 israel time slot on wednesday featuring 3 new tunes by me and video by @droeening@twitter.com (Cai)


a bit about my process (and other people's processes) in the aftermath of (both the live coding marathon and the movie) wp.me/p2EkFu-1BD

i have two things tmw (Aug 17):

A 2 pm pst talk about my lofi video bombaybeach made in and as part of the smallfile.ca/ media festival.

I'm doing a 10 pm pst set as with my visualist friend cai as part of the marathon (was so tempted to include twilight samples but mb next time) and i see many familiar names at moon.tidalcycles.org/ so I will see you all there


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