I started learning how to play recently. I'm really loving it, I wish I had started years ago.

As a beginner I would be very interested to hear about others' drumming journeys.

@Lemmy i went and did a doctorate in percussion,........ but that didn't get me very far jobwise so i'm back in school for cs lol, funnily enough i don't really play all that much anymore...

actually, i kinda less chose percussion and kinda fell backwards into it, i took piano lessons as a kid and in elementary school wanted to play clarinet but they ran out and the teacher knew i played piano and thoughts mallet instruments were close enough so stuck me in the percussion sections and then in many many years i didn't even bother thinking of switching out, i still have an affinity towards mallets instruments but i like hand drums too

@mrufrufin @Lemmy I tried learning drums during lockdown but didn't really get on with it. Didn't get too far with it but now learning konnakol which I absolutely love.


@yaxu @Lemmy ah nice! i have a friend who went on a fulbright to study mridangam and came back early jaded because the kids were so much better than him lol. speaking as a layperson who doesn't know any of the theory at all, i like the syncopation, the way these rhythmic phrases just flow over the beats

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@mrufrufin @Lemmy Yes it's great! I'm still just clapping every 4th beat while reciting and it is great to feel around the syncopation. Interesting how it comes alive when I'm reciting from memory (or by doing the maths) rather than reading it from a score I've written out.

@yaxu @Lemmy yeah, notation can be beautiful but it's sometimes easy to forget (particularly in my life as a classical musician and reading everything from the page) that notation is just the recipe for a dish and not the dish itself and at least for me (easier said than done because i was always terrible at memorizing), reading from the recipe when playing added this extra layer of processing/abstraction (eyes -> brain to process the recipe -> arms to actuate the sounds transcribed) while being without the recipe gives you one less thing to worry about (reading the thing) and maybe the knowledge representation inside your head is a bit closer to what the sounds actually are vs what's on the page.

@mrufrufin @Lemmy Yes totally. Skipping between reciting from memory and from written score feels like a very different category of experience. I think there are interesting and varied relationships between notation and music though. Note-based staff notations constrain the music in very different ways to more generative notations. Maybe the latter is closer to 'the music itself', although I'm suspicious of the idea that there's some fundamental essence of music, or that music can be only about sound and not pattern (or vice-versa). I think music is a whole experience that takes in everything.

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