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i grew up around,.. i suppose,.. "pre-social-media" internet services that were still somewhat community oriented like xanga, myspace, and there was this weird thing called cybertown that ran on,.. flash i think? but it was this persistent 3d city with common areas that people could hang out like there was a mall and park and theater, but also like it gave you your own personal "home" that you could deck out with various things purchasable with their own cybertown currency that you could "earn" via "jobs" which now that I think about it sounds pretty capitalistic but that's beside the point here,...

with these online communities, in a way it was like putting out there a side of yourself in a more or less persistent environment without it necessarily being "content", like messing around with the HTML/CSS in xanga or myspace, decking out your virtual home in cybertown, or even AIM profiles to an extent and I kinda wonder if we're losing something with social media today. with less customization..ability of profiles and more focus on a uniform UI (which probably aids accessibility?), has the focus shifted more towards "content creation"? do things like cybertown homes and myspace profiles exist today?

yeah, i know "content" and "content creation" are vague terms...

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social media, cybertown, internet homes, ui 

@mrufrufin I think the focus, if there is any, has shifted more towards consumption and/or microtransactions.

See also: 90:9:1 rule

social media, cybertown, internet homes, ui 

@drmast what's the 9:1 rule? by microtransactions do you mean something like the timeline where you get small bits of info from a variety of different sources? because yeah, i'd agree and i'd suppose with something like xanga or myspace (or the cybertown home), the focus was more on the xanga blog or the myspace page where you'd visit each person's personalized page (which i mean, you can still do with facebook/twitter/ig/etc. profiles). i suppose also at the same time, not as many people were on the internet or at least, not as many people who would be interested in a community sort of experience? which lends itself to the single user data source experience.

social media, cybertown, internet homes, ui 

@mrufrufin I guess the "official" name of it is actually 1% rule [0]. Back in the early 'net days it was more filled with contributors (i.e. everyone was a "creator"). Then Eternal September [1] went into full effect, it got all Web 2.0 ish, and became all about "platforms" as you pointed out. I think one reason those succeeded at the time they did was due to the trend toward that 90:9:1 ratio.


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