would anybody know a way of way of hosting music somewhere to be streamable but not downloadable (bonus points if there's some api i can trigger from javascript)?

i usually don't care about making things downloadable (and I would rather things be downloadable), but this music isn't mine (and i don't want to get hit by copyright things) and it's for an academic-oriented visualization (and we're wanting to tie the music into it) so we're also in the process of trying to get permission and/or figure out fair-use sorta things.

It's practically impossible; if you can hear it, you can record it.

Even if it couldn't be downloaded, they could redirect the audio to a downloader app.

But for the 90% of listeners, you don't even have to; just don't provide a download button.


@yuki yeah, i know, and there's things like youtube-dl too but mb there are ways to cover myself enough to say "i'm not making it easy for ppl to download it" because if we do get permission to use a recording for academic purposes and self-host somewhere, i'm pretty sure they wouldn't want me at least actively spreading their recording around or at least making it easy.

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