How long have you been using your current daily use smartphone? What model is it? How did you manage to keep it going? What repairs did it need? Boosts appreciated!


@rra i got my phone in jan 2020? google pixel 3a. no repairs so far and it didn't cost nearly as much as flagship smartphones tend to go for these days. The battery still seems to be fine and sometimes I've fallen asleep and woken up with the screen still on and the phone warm... I hope I don't have to get a new phone for awhile. The phone before this was a iPhone 5s that I got in,... 2015-2016? And I basically moved on because iOS was getting really sluggish and acting weird at times and I ran the battery into the ground. I really don't like having to buy new devices so hopefully this phone will last me a few more years at least. It has a glass screen protector that's been on since the start that is scratched and cracked (the actual screen seems fine) and I just have a thin case that doesn't seem to absorb much shock on it.

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