started the japanese track on duolingo the other day. i have a tendency to half/notevenhalf-learn a lot of languages (and programming languages) but i'm hoping that with the amount of anime and japanese comedy i've tended to watch over the years and all the japanese creative techy and musiciany accounts i tend to follow on the birdsite (and not understand a single word of), i might just have the motivation and context to actually follow through (a little farther) with this one (famous last words)...

we will see how i keep up with it once school starts...


i was learning mandarin before this bc i'm ethnically chinese so it was a part of my journey of learning about my heritage and identity but i just don't consume a lot of content in chinese (which makes me wonder why that is but don't feel like exploring that right now...) and my whole fam speaks cantonese anyways (and there really aren't a lot of great online and/or free resources for learning that)

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@mrufrufin i have seen many learning resources in subtle cantonese traits on fb. i can look through them for you if you do not want to join the group yourself. i also don't consume a lot of content in chinese but im trying to listen to more math rock from china. pleco is also a good chinese dictionary with canto support. i feel for you as someone who also did not grow up speaking my ethnic languages of mando and burmese.

@pixouls thx! i am good or now on the canto learning resources for now, i think i will have enough on my plate coming up with going back to school and everything but i will get back to you if i change my mind!

what sorts of math rock from china? i guess i watch hk and taiwanese movies every now and then, i follow some electronic artists from the mainland (but that doesn't have any language in it), and i like teresa teng.

i think i have good momentum going in japanese for now and i wanna keep that going even when i start school again... i get excited whenever words and phrases pop up that i recognize from anime or jpop lol.

@mrufrufin I don't super pay attention well artist origins (I'm trying to work on that) but I would say my favorite math rock artists tend to be from Taiwan like Elephant gym Enno Cheng, (these two were my first) DSPS, Sweet John, and Hello Nico. I have come across cool artists of other genres from Shangai and chengdu before, there's an interesting short doc on that here: and an article on here

@mrufrufin I recommend this playlist to you I made which has music in Japanese, English, mandarin, etc and has math rock and other music I felt like suited the vibe in it... it's kinda random but hopefully you'll enjoy it

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