was sitting in the car then started thinking about the politics and class issues surrounding formal attire, "dressing up" for things, and concert attire (esp wrt to classical music) and I'm going to think about it for awhile but also if somebody has stuff I can read about these things that'd be cool 👍 like how and why do things like t-shirts and jeans become not acceptable?

@mrufrufin there's a field of study called "cultural sociology" that's all about these kinds of questions: the differentiation between "high" and "low" culture, the use of taste as a means of class domination, etc. I guess Pierre Bourdieu's book Distinction (1979) is the classic reference.

@jboy neat thx i will add it to the list and oh i should start making a list too

@mrufrufin build your list capital to distinguish yourself from the listless hoipolloi

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