apologies if you've already hit any of these <3 --
*The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard
*The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester
*Something New Under the Sun by Alexandra Kleeman
*The Weather by Jenny Offill

@neauoire wowww that is so cool thank you! The tone of it is just incredible. Poetic woodblock avian sonar ping

@neauoire ooooo I'd love to hear the collected field recordings of a Pino trip sometime :)

So here's a weird one: a couple days ago @zachkrall pointed out to me that all these book metadata aggregators had reported me as a contributor to Golan Levin and Tega Brain's CODE AS A CREATIVE MEDIUM, an excellent book that I had absolutely nothing to do with.

I couldn't figure out why, frantically searched my copy's the index and footnotes but my name wasn't mentioned anywhere. Then today, trying different search terms, I found that on page 77 is a picture that included a 2016 tweet response I made to Jeff Thompson's "Art Assignment" twitter bot real tiny in the corner of a photograph.

so what I can only assume to be some image scraping AI "read" the book for Google or Amazon or both, looked at the picture, read my tiny name, and automatically added me to the book metadata...
So the bots are reading bots while reading the book on creative code watch out lollllll

I've been quite inspired recently by finding a ton of cool personal websites and wikis and thought I would share my views on how freeing it is to make your own: https://ritualdust.com/craft/make-yourself-a-website/

@behemoth yes this is definitely part of it! Thank you so much for sharing this :)

@jaxter184 Yeah! Part of what I like about a librarian-like approach is it forces me to decide if I really *care* about each object that I could accumulate and hold. And if so, if the answer is yes, then that provides the motivation to care for it. But I think there's a place for the data hoarders too! For those who preserve the wholesale dumps. That to me can also be an important form of caretaking! Of preservation

@jauntywunderkind420 ahhhh I love this shell image. Thanks for sharing it. The way you put "crunching" "pushing" data around is both poetic and true. I want your "Paean To Shells" manifesto now

@Milouchkna aw that's so cool you did bookbinding! It's one of my dreams to finally have time to take some bookbinding classes. And I'll keep dreaming of a return to long fibers

@paul ahhhh I love this and this mentality! I hadn't seen Soundpipe but this is such an amazing example of this emerging definition of "library" I'm trying to explore. I love the module list, such a great example of documentation as something communicative, connective, and valuable

On this subject, lately I've become obsessed with personal libraries and archives, both physical and digital. I don't have a grand thesis yet, but there's something to the role an individual's practice of collecting and curating can lead to a distributed system of stored knowledge, particularly in arenas traditional institutions miss, but even just as a caretaking mentality, library as practice

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An underrated feature of physical books is how through used bookstores, estate sales, etc., they flirt with being a form of temporally resilient communal resource.

I have a couple books that are in their fifth century of life. They are not expensive or rare, just sets of words that have had 400+ years of people using them, kept in good shape and passed from caretaker to caretaker ("owner" isn't the right word in this case. I am caretaking for it. We are all librarians)

Started work today on the design for a little Boolean logic gate drum sequencer, inspired by and how much fun I had years ago building physical analog logic gates that could be connected by patch cables. This is just a mock-up drawing, wanted to figure out the look first, but working on it :)

Amazing artists like @neauoire and @yaxu and @ojack have convinced me of the value of building one's own tools by hand, so going to give this a shot

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