So here's a weird one: a couple days ago @zachkrall pointed out to me that all these book metadata aggregators had reported me as a contributor to Golan Levin and Tega Brain's CODE AS A CREATIVE MEDIUM, an excellent book that I had absolutely nothing to do with.

I couldn't figure out why, frantically searched my copy's the index and footnotes but my name wasn't mentioned anywhere. Then today, trying different search terms, I found that on page 77 is a picture that included a 2016 tweet response I made to Jeff Thompson's "Art Assignment" twitter bot real tiny in the corner of a photograph.

so what I can only assume to be some image scraping AI "read" the book for Google or Amazon or both, looked at the picture, read my tiny name, and automatically added me to the book metadata...
So the bots are reading bots while reading the book on creative code watch out lollllll

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