Gearing up to speculate and manifesto-ize about art and AI tomorrow, yeah!

Has anyone tried Juicy Marbles? Pricey but looks very close to a real-deal steak experience. 🥩

Hello lovely people of the fediverse.

I'm going to be helping put on a one day unconference with geeks for social change about how technology is shit but we wish it wasn't.

It's on the 10th of December on discord and you can find out more details here.

I was the person who used to write HTML in a text editor, and made fancier websites with (oh boy, this dates me) Dreamweaver. To admit that I don't really know how to build a website anymore makes me a little sad. So (cracks knuckles) I'm doing a Jekyll tutorial on this rainy Sunday. What's your fave static website builder?

A #robotic #bird of prey sits on a floating platform equipped with a strobe light, loudspeaker, & a propane canon, at a Syncrude #oil sands site. Such contraptions are aimed at deterring migratory birds from landing in #tailings ponds, where they are poisoned in large numbers. (📸 Ian Willms in NatGeo)

Gig economy 

It's very eerie once you start linking how you issue prompts to an AI ("woman, seated, cinematic lighting" etc) to how you describe what you want to a freelancer on Fiverr. Disconcerting to say the least. In one instance, there's a real human on the other end of the line, in a real location, who sends 😀 back to your 😀 . But there is not much time for pleasantries -- the human on the other end of the line is there to earn a quick few bucks, and you are there to be unburdened from a task. Your mind drifts to saying why you are doing what you are doing, describing, making an interaction that will have more meaning.

Of course, an NFT vending machine. It's interesting to observe attempts to move something inherently digital into such a physical, retro kind of machine, and furthermore to eliminate the idea of wallets or even crypto being attached to it.

@rra hey there :) someone I know who would be a great fit here is looking to set up an account. Do you know when registrations might open up again?

The Tolocar: a makerspace on wheels "The Tolocar project sends mobile makerspaces into Ukraine to help, empower, equip and train local communities through open technology, knowledge and innovation"

Any of my people participating in or attending the virtual part of ? I'll be speaking tomorrow at 10:15 (CET)!

My talk, "Slow Dance: Making Time for Anticipation in Ethical Relations" talks a bit about some of the fieldwork I did with a community center and group of youth on the Portuguese island of Madeira, looking at art & design methods in processes of care, maintenance, and repair.

Infinite Conversation, AI-generated never-ending conversation between Slavoj Zizek and Werner Herzog: "The screen is there and we have this wonderful
illusion that we are sucked into the movie itself
but, no, at some point, you have to return from the movie.
And that's why it is crucial that when you leave the movie theatre
you don’t know whether you saw a good movie or a bad movie
because you didn't really see it.
You saw something else."

Some spam mail just said "eight weeks til Christmas!" and I was like :think_shit:. Christmas countdowns, not helpful

I used CLIP Interrogator to get the prompt that might result in the image of myself that I uploaded which you see here. The result is hilarious: "a close up of a person with blonde hair, a character portrait, inspired by Eleanor Hughes, pexels contest winner, academic art, an orc smiling into the camera, light grey backdrop, queer woman, without eyebrows, academic clothing, loosely cropped, photo of wolf, author". I don't know what I like better: "photo of wolf" or "orc smiling into the camera" 😂 Try it yourself:

It's always a lot of fun to read the Google reviews of government buildings. 😂

A fond memory from my PhD time -- Flying a kite off the coast of Madeira for Jeff Warren's workshop at Open Institute.

Hey, I'm Michelle Kasprzak, I often go by MK. I'm a writer and curator and sometime artist. My first love was photography, soon followed by "new media", back when the web was grey. After years making digital performance work and video, I began curating, too. I've recently finished my PhD, which was about the role of methods from art and design in processes of social innovation and care, maintenance, and repair.

I'm doing a postdoc now on the ways design is expressed in the "building with nature" concept, and I'm also one of the guest curators for the 2023 Noorderlicht International Photography Festival.

Happy to be here! Nanu nanu.

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