Basically liturgical in structure, OREMA uses standard petitions and intercessions stored on magnetic tapes in Latin, Hebrew, and FORTRAN.

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:drake_dislike: IDE with machine learning based code completion

:drake_like: IDE with oujia board

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"UNEINS is a oujia, spirit or talking board designed to enable speedy communication and collective coding contact with spirit or deceased programmers; the ghosts in the machine code!"

Tiny Mining Sweatshop at V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media, Free in 19/20 March 2020

"During the inaugural Tiny Mining sweatshop, participants will collectively and practically explore the potentials for exploration and extraction. We will devise and document experimental protocols for improving yields and facilitating the testing and extraction of and from within the human . We will explore the ethical and political implications of the negotiation of individual rights and claims and encourage the construction of alternative belief systems, facilitating the adoption of Tiny Mining as a widespread cultural practice."

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