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full disclosure, we've definitely benefitted from their research thus far: they re-created the scratch 'n' sniff cards that came with Leather Goddesses of Phobos and Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail and sent us stacks of them, and also had us on a couple of panels about scent in gaming - they're really great folks doing really interesting work

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friends of the lab are conducting research on the history of scent technologies and they currently have an open call for basically anything related to that topic -

please do participate if you can or share around to those who might have something to contribute - they'll even cover shipping & handling of physical scent-related devices if you have something to donate:

If you've ever played any or , or have an interest in digital narrative, I encourage you to play and vote on some games from the 28th annual Interactive Fiction Competition () this weekend!

You're fully prepared if you've ever played any text adventure games, but most entries won't require any previous experience. Many are not games at all but short pieces of fiction—our community welcomes both types!

You only need to judge 5 games to have your vote counted, and it's important to us as a community to broaden the representation of the judging pool.

Please check it out at

they were so carefully sorted. le sigh. on this topic - would joining a livestream with us while we accession sometimes be a thing people would be into?

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Lab pic of the day, aka tfw you bump the stack of floppies you were accessioning...

Someone wrote a v nice 🧵 about a 📗 abt #radio (#LowPower to the People) & I am its author.

I boosted the posts earlier, but sharing again, less in the spirit of "self promotion" (tho I suppose it is that) & more bc I was so touched that @librarianshipwreck said this is a #books to revisit to understand control of tech in the unfolding #TwitterTakeover chaos--& wanted to add context for my boosts, more than just "cool thing that floated by". Thx @librarianshipwreck !!

we have noticed a large number of archaeologists in the traditional sense of the term (dirt diggy stuff) following us and so while you're absolutely welcome we wanna make sure that you know we are deliberately using what we have learned some folks in your field consider "your term" outside its broadly understood meaning.

we are not traditional archaeologists but rather technology history and media studies folks, with a strong bent towards art and oddity.

we will not engage in arguments about the correct meaning or use of the word archaeology, nor in arguments over whether what we do is archaeology.

we're big fans of instructional texts as a genre, and this one is just really fun

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event promotion! 

if you are in the Boulder area and like vintage and/or indie games, we will be part of Whaaat!? Aaarcade this Saturday 11/5 on the CU Boulder campus. tickets are free, you can register at, it's always a good time

we've got tons of Intellivision games, but this is the only one where we also have the controller cover. what a weird bit of ephemera - and it turns out determining what the various buttons on the Intellivision number pad controller do would be a pain without this, which makes us wonder what we're missing in some of our other games...

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self-promotion, sorry 

i'll be appearing on the LightTwist Show tomorrow to talk about my work at the @mediaarchaeologylab - they broadcast it live on their twitch, starts at 9:30 mountain time in the US and then it'll be posted on their youtube on friday.

if you're curious about the lab it should be reasonably interesting!

so, you're seeing the best image so far that we've been able to get from that nonsense: a Panasonic GH-4 camera running into an HDMI-AV converter and into an X-10 wireless transmitter, then picked up on the other side of the lab by the X-10 receiver and run into a MacBook by way of an AV-USB converter. do we have a better way of accomplishing this task? MAYBE. does it look like total crap? YES. is it interesting? ALSO YES. are we gonna keep doing it because it's amusing and on some level it gets at the overall ethos of the lab? ABSOLUTELY

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we do a lot of sort of bonkers wrangling of parts of our collection into jobs they were never intended for... at the moment, we're trying to get an old X-10 wireless video transmission system (meant for home security purposes) to function as a remote camera so we can livestream the games room while being in another room

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