what we never want to be is a museum - we've been compared more than once to the Museum of Civilization in Station Eleven and we don't want to be that. we want to be a collection of undiscovereed possibilities and a space to realize a spectrum of potentials - not a fossilized hulk of memory and loss

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it's ~*~complicated~*~, as one might imagine, to work to redirect the sort of stuck-ness or even regressiveness that feelings of nostalgia can engender.

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today we're wrestling with nostalgia, what nostalgia means, how nostalgia manifests. it's something we do every day, honestly, but it's very present as the semester wraps up and we enter the holiday season that a lot of our collection's nostalgia is inextricably linked to

I’ve been eyeing all the cool things people have made with various types of #PenPlotter over here and back on that other site when it was still a thing. When I was a kid I’d go to my dad’s architecture firm and watch the HP plotter plot huge drawings for hours on end, it was so engrossing to me. I just realized again that I have a Silhouette cutter which can take pens and a 3D printer which I could make a pen attachment for… hmmm! Photo from when I visited @mediaarchaeologylab

@smellsofbikes @SekhmetMedusa @tewha but anything where the case is easy we're happy to photograph. we've got a few fun apple II clones and a hand-built zx-spectrum clone

@48kRAM they notice the logos every once in a while and do the dog-head-tilt confusion face

@48kRAM it's some of the coolest looking stuff in the collection. and it's always fun to see something from a very recognizable brand that is not the thing they're known for

@n1ckfg sadly no, that would be a great find. our earliest pieces are from roughly 1890 and that far back the collection is pretty incidental/piecemeal

another view - this one needs cleaning and lubrication and a new linen pad to work again, but it's in surprisingly good condition for its age

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Fifty years ago today, Atari apocryphally announced Pong, a groundbreaking coin-op arcade game that brought video games to the mainstream while its clones ignited the industry worldwide

To celebrate, I republished The Making of Pong, which I wrote back in 2012 for Edge: https://www.vintagecomputing.com/index.php/archives/3183/vcg-anthology-the-making-of-pong-2012

@stevelord er, no, she's a lab dog as in she's a dog who sometimes assists in the lab

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