@Vamp898 @redoak actually (just checked) the machine has only 256MB RAM. XFCE4 on Debian was swapping already after logging in, while AROS reports 177MB free after booting to the desktop in a few seconds.

@emsenn if there's not one already, it might be quite hard (seems org mode can embed arbitrary other languages which could do with being highlighted too)

I do do some nested highlighting of C within Diff in Python, see code.mathr.co.uk/clive-core/bl

But Diff is admittedly quite a trivial language, and IIRC I gave up with my earlier attempts to use `pygments` for both parts...

mathr.co.uk/kf/kf.html#kf-2.14 new KF release (highlights: NanoMB1 algorithm, Mothbrot formulas, and a bugfix to incremental drawing)


Old laptops can be used for trying out alternative operating systems, if you find that interesting?

I installed ( flavour) on an old laptop (~10-15years maybe) recently, works great within the 512MB RAM while even a lightweight GUI was struggling. But I haven't actually used it much though, not enough time and my networking hardware isn't supported, sneakernet is a pain.

I saw a

2019.adaf.gr/ deadline extended to 30th January

> The World is a Hologram

I may have some (more) to submit....

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Ported my mathr.co.uk/puzzle to empd, not published it formally yet...

With patched to generate mipmaps, may become unnecessary with upstream changes (so I can do it on the Pd patch level instead of in the C++).

Struggled with getting pix_snap2tex working, so ported it to gemframebuffer, but that looked bad ( does antialiasing only for the main output, not FBO). Turns out it was something unrelated (bad define in my GLEW hack), and pix_snap2tex works great in the end.

WIll work on the audio today, needs more variation.

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Updated the Gem example with a spinning [cube] with desktop OpenGL 1.x Fixed Function Pipeline lighting emulated in WebGL by Regal.

Other primitives like [sphere] and [torus] fail due to a bug with GL_QUAD_STRIP, have reported it to the Emscripten port.

[teapot] fails for other reasons (incomplete GLU? something else?), seems to be an infinite loop rather than a simple failure...

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Scala Native processing function plugged into web audio script processor node: sciss.de/temp/sn/whitenoise.ht

(AudioWorklet still to do, have too old Firefox version)

#Scala #WebAudio

mathr.co.uk/empd/#build-cleanr added some scripts for building in a chroot, so you don't risk potential weird interactions with your main dev system

mathr.co.uk/empd/gemtest.html victory!

working on cleaning up / committing my changes to the Gem sources now, will push as soon as I've got a reproducible build script

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