kf- released

- store zoom out sequence was saving JPEG contents in PNG filenames sometimes
- store zoom out sequence was forcing some kind of center reuse even when not requested (reported by saka and Azula)
- store zoom out sequence was sometimes not saving metadata in image files correctly
- setting bad SIMD vector size in KFS could crash (reported by FractalAlex)
- setting window size/image size from KFS should be better behaved now
- refactor default loading (now it loads default location kf.kfr from next to EXE, as well as default settings kf.kfs; defaults are only loaded when respective command line options are not given)
- don't recalculate fractal when changing window size (reported by FK68)
- fix buffer overflow crash in iterdiv -> string for GUI, also fix loss of precision (reported by FK68)
- fix typos causing last few pixels to be corrupt in SIMD
- remove annoying dialogs about derivatives (requested by gerrit)

- upgrade to boost 1.73.0
- upgrade to mpfr 4.1.0
- upgrade to tiff 4.1.0
- upgrade to glm
- upgrade to openexr 2.4.2

- don't upgrade to pixman 0.40.0 ( gitlab.freedesktop.org/pixman/ )

mastering pains 

@luka I messed up the levels on one EP I self-released, one track is wayyy too loud compared to the others. It makes the whole thing very uncomfortable, knowing that I'll have to reach for the volume knob (twice, once when the loud track starts and once when it finishes). I should remaster it maybe.

(track 4 is the loud one)

problematic language in tech 

I was instinctively starting to write "webmaster" but replaced it with "website editor" in an email today, feels less "snappy", but the page I was emailing about had an "editor login" button on it so I think it was a better term to use, moreover the address I was writing to was a general "contact us" address, not necessarily a sysadmin.

Seems there is visible at the moment! Not sure I'll get to see it, 4am is a bit early/late.


> If you're in the northern hemisphere, and gazing up at the right moment – around 4am local time, July 10 to 15, looking northeast; and potentially an hour after sunset, July 14 to 23, looking northwest – you should catch a glimpse of the comet, C/2020 F3 NEOWISE. And local time really does mean the time wherever you are.

Links originally from TOPLAP chat:

> giuseppetorre 9:19 PM
> Dear All, finally the Proceedings are completed. All your papers (ICLC2020) are now published individually on Zenodo. A quick search on zenodo with your name or title of the paper should direct you there easily. I have listed them at the bottom of this message too.
> I have also compiled a full book of the Proceedings which contains all the papers, posters, workshops, installations and concerts notes and very nice photos of the three wonderful days we spent together:
> Please share this message widely on social networks (I have no account on FB TW ... anymore)
> Enjoy and I hope to see you soon

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Papers & Poster
zenodo.org/record/3939165 Live coding in Western classical music
zenodo.org/record/3939123 Re-coding the Musical Cyborg
zenodo.org/record/3939135 Live Coding Tools for Choreography: Creating Terpsicode
zenodo.org/record/3939154 The Megra System - Small Data Music Composition and Live Coding Performance
zenodo.org/record/3939176 The Live Loom
zenodo.org/record/3939174 Cibo v2: Realtime Livecoding A.I. Agent
zenodo.org/record/3939206 Live Coding From Scratch:The Cases of Practice in Mexico City and Barcelona
zenodo.org/record/3939222 Liveness, Code, and DeadCode in Code Jockeying Practice
zenodo.org/record/3939228 Designing for a Pluralist and User-Friendly Live Code Language Ecosystem with Sema
zenodo.org/record/3939238 Disabled Approaches to LiveCoding, Cripping the Code
zenodo.org/record/3939244 Live Coding Procedural Textures of Implicit Surfaces
zenodo.org/record/3939258 Filling In: Livecoding musical, physical 3D printing tool paths using space filling curves
zenodo.org/record/3939262 RIPPLE: integrated audio visualization for livecoding based on code analysis and machine learning
zenodo.org/record/3939267 Functional Live Coding vs. DAWs and VSTs
zenodo.org/record/3939275 Visor in Practice: Live Performance and Evaluation
zenodo.org/record/3939279 Live coding the code: an environment for `meta' live code performance

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ICLC2020 has been published. I didn't attend/follow at the time, but hope to get inspired reading all the papers etc.


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We start in about 10 minutes! Come and join the stream + chat!


(hit refresh if no video we changed something just now)

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@dheadshot my options for English UK in ibus are "Dvorak" and "extended WinKeys". I don't want Dvorak, so chose the other one, with English US as fallback. Dis/enabling the "use system settings" toggle makes no difference.

Old desktop computer, 2011 era, was making a lot of rattling noise. So I got a new CPU fan. Didn't fix it. Took out the GPU, cleaned its fan of all the dust, put it back in. Noise still present. Took out the GPU again, turns out it is actually some other fan making the noise: remaining suspects include case fans (one of which is definitely not the issue), or the power supply fan (most likely) making the noise :(

Definitely not sure I want to take apart a PSU to investigate/repair, those capacitors look big.

@paul same glitches with mplayer, mpv, vlc - but I think they all use ffmpeg internally.

@paul I'm using Firefox ESR on Debian Buster, fwiw. Will try youtube-dl and standalone players...

@paul wow, stroboscopic noise. interestingly, the youtube thumbnails on the seek bar look very different (I guess more like how it is supposed to be?)

@paul maybe I was reading the API header incorrectly, or they have documentation somewhere else...

@paul I use it in one project, just for bitmap downscaling (and that is only to work around a shortcoming in Wine). I was disappointed that it only seems to supports sRGB when it is augmented with an alpha channel, which is extra data that I don't need, and repacking the bitmaps with it was more work than I was prepared to do at that time. Also documentation wasn't great iirc.


Oh, the page has changed since I posted the link. Here's the image that was on the page. (BBC credited it to Reuters).

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@hecanjog @celesteh I think they were taken down for monetization by the artists (variously Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, Deezer, TIDAL, Beatport...).

@celesteh other releases from the same labels are still online though

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