Separated Perpendicular fractal formula is not working for deep zooms with perturbation techniques as intended.

around the outside, inside looks more reasonable. In other locations (more often) the opposite happens. Other locations are perfectly fine to 1e50 zoom level and beyond. Some kind of precision loss somewhere...

a, b = coordinates of pixel
xn = (abs(x) - 7/2) * abs(x) - y * y + a;
yn = 2 * (7/4 - abs(x)) * y + b;
x = xn;
y = yn;

Perturbation techniques applied to give iterations of low-precision deltas vs high-precision reference. This goes wrong somewhere and too much information is lost from the low-precision numbers, causing pixelation


I think I fixed the precision loss in this fractal, at least for some of the locations which were broken. Was pretty hard. Not sure if there's a generally applicable solution.

It needed a couple of case analyses similar to the diffabs() function (which evaluates |X+x|-|X| without catastrophic precision loss when x is small compared to X) but specific to this fractal.

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