This week I have mostly been working on 's , making it so that it can control uniform variables declared in the colouring .

In the example attached, the interior colour jumps from black to red when passing near to a particular minibrot.

Some bugs to fix:
- zoom speed display is inaccurate (scaled incorrectly by duration)
- the timeline table should not expand so much horizontally to fill the window
- the timeline table should have scrollbars when the window is smaller than the table
- when the windows are hidden (with Ctrl-F10) the timeline sequencing is disabled
- the initial values should be populated from the KFP palette if one is used
- it crashes when the number of columns is too big for Dear ImGui (upstream ImGui has a limit of 64, I applied a patch from the issue tracker to raise it to 1000 which is hopefully enough, unfortunately it seems harder to patch ImGUI to have no fixed limit at all...)

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