A (probably not new) idea I had while watching live-coding performances: use edit distance to see if there's a unique nearest defined word that could be used in place of a typo'd word.

For example: in your Tidal Cycles code you type `somtimes` and it magically knows you meant `sometimes`, or in SuperCollider you type `.ramge` and it gets auto-corrected to `.range`.

I have a vague idea how to implement this for Pure-data object names (use the loader API and inspect objectmaker's method list, implement in C and might need non-public include files).

Can SuperCollider run user code on mis-spelled class and/or method names?

Or could a preprocessor do this more generally, handling parameter names etc? Maybe editor integration so it highlights the error visually and allows you to click to correct it in the text?

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@mathr latest Supercollider actually has this for error messages. If you make a typo it will suggest something reasonable

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