I want to get some 3.5" floppy disk labels printed, ideally the kind that wrap over the top (so they can't be too stiff). Cut to size with rounded corners. Short run, only need at most 30 copies or so. They can all be identical, but I suppose custom/unique would be a bonus.

Can anyone recommend a print service? Shipping to London, UK.

Relatedly, can anyone recommend the best way to remove existing labels from floppy disks?

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Found a solvent that worked nicely for removing the sticky remains of label glue residue.

Have 12 floppy disks all installed with my software and clean and ready for new labels.

Getting labels seems to be harder than expected, the required size is about 70mm square with rounded corners. Most custom print jobs are minimum 200 stickers and I don't need anywhere near that many, so I'm thinking of getting plain white labels (also minimum pack size 200...) designed for inkjet/laser printing at home, and doing potato prints with acrylic paint, with finer details by hand.

@mathr Have you thought of somewhere that does custom kiss-cut sticker sheets?

@yaxu I have no clue about stickers, thanks for the term to research!

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