working on another fractal animation, this time a julia morph orbiting in the hairs of an island. no clue yet if it will turn out any good...

current progress:
- found the angled internal address for one exemplar by tracing a ray outwards in mandelbrot-perturbator-gtk
- found a pattern for the external angles of the prefix, by tracing a few more rays outwards (much shallower) and comparing the binary strings
- wrote some haskell to combine the prefixes with the suffix of the examplar address, and compute one of the corresponding external angle pairs
- now tracing the rays to end-points in parallel:

cat rays.txt | parallel -k m-exray-in 100 "{}" 8 $((2 * 8 * 1378)) | tee -a endpoints.txt

- a total of 256 rays on 16 threads, ETA about 1h30 wall-clock (plus the 20mins done already)

...and results are in: it doesn't work as an animation at all, frames are seemingly unconnected. I guess pasting a different prefix onto an angled internal address does not do anything useful structurally, even though it happened to give valid addresses in this instance.

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