kf-2.15.2 released with colouring support (design your own colouring algorithms to post-process the calculated raw fractal iteration data)

Get it from mathr.co.uk/kf/kf.html#kf-2.15

is () for (and via additional programs like and others)

and builds are provided, it is technically possible to compile for but I couldn't get the resulting binary to work on my device. It's a that runs fine in on (where I do my coding). builds seem to be blocked on what might be a bug in a third party library.

Bugs have been reported, and indeed shader compilation fails with NVIDIA drivers. Works ok on AMD. Shame on me for not testing on my ancient laptop with NVIDIA GPU before release...

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kf- released, tested on both my ancient NVIDIA laptop and modern AMD desktop. Some shaders fail on laptop due to being too big/complicated for the hardware, but some do work.

get it from

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kf- released with some small but important bugfixes
get it from mathr.co.uk/kf/kf.html#kf-2.15

- new: entropy colouring example palette in OpenGL GLSL
- fix: tiling seams with certain colouring algorithms in OpenGL GLSL
- fix: checkbox to disable power 2 Mandelbrot derivative based glitch test (failing location reported by Microfractal)

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