I got my fractal explorer working on my tablet. Was not easy. UI is a bit laggy and its hard to use as fingers obscure the screen. Maybe a stylus would help.

1. Install fDroid
2. Install UserLAnd from fDroid
3. Install Debian Buster from UserLAnd
4. apt upgrade to Bullseye
5. apt install xfce4 xorg dbus dbus-x11 xrdp xorgxrdp
6. echo xfce4-session > ~/.xsession
7. sudo service dbus start
8. sudo service xrdp start
9. Install aFreeRDP from fDroid
10. Connect to localhost and hopefully see an xfce4 desktop

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@mathr did it work? I mean is it a plan or report?


@meka yes it works, hope I didn't miss any steps

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