I got my fractal explorer working on my tablet. Was not easy. UI is a bit laggy and its hard to use as fingers obscure the screen. Maybe a stylus would help.

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1. Install fDroid
2. Install UserLAnd from fDroid
3. Install Debian Buster from UserLAnd
4. apt upgrade to Bullseye
5. apt install xfce4 xorg dbus dbus-x11 xrdp xorgxrdp
6. echo xfce4-session > ~/.xsession
7. sudo service dbus start
8. sudo service xrdp start
9. Install aFreeRDP from fDroid
10. Connect to localhost and hopefully see an xfce4 desktop

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11. install Wine in UserLAnd's debian
12. cross-compile KF for aarch64 on desktop Debian x86_64 using llvm mingw port
13. much wailing and gnashing of teeth as the binary fails to start on the tablet with obscure errors
14. also wine notepad.exe displays a blank window, and other wine dialogs are also blank - trying `winetricks corefonts` now in the hope that something becomes visible..

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Blank windows in Wine and xterm are fixed by using VNC instead of RDP, though the VNC client for Android I found has much less ergonomic mouse and keyboard controls than the RDP client.

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f-Droid has MultiVNC with ergonomic deficiencies (touchscreen interaction for mouse is emulated by dragging a pointer and pressing buttons at the bottom of the display, Android on screen keyboard can only enter one key at a time with return needing to be pressed between each one) and TSVNC (touch screen mouse is much nicer, still not as nice as aFreeRDP, but there is no onscreen keyboard afaict). Maybe I can install an on screen keyboard within the XFCE environment...

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got KF x86_64 running in hangover 0.4.0 (wine + cpu emulator) on android aarch64, takes 20 seconds to render the basic unzoomed default mandelbrot (very slow);

I patched the apk to replace notepad++.exe with kf.exe, delete the meta-inf certs, resign with jarsigner (with a new personal self-signed key), zipalign after signing. - a cleaner way would maybe be to rebuild hangover from source but not keen on that.

anyway hangover for android is abandonware now (could maybe build for linux but I don't have enough free space on th device, cross-compiling would be less fun).

oh, and with no scroll wheel mouse or keyboard to ctrl-click there's no way to zoom in or out in KF....

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@mathr did it work? I mean is it a plan or report?

@meka yes it works, hope I didn't miss any steps

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