Today is another day:

- fixed "command line settings specification does not enable OpenCL if requested" (was not initializing OpenCL device list early enough, the fix means any errors can't be displayed in the GUI though)

- fixed "solve glitch by random choice loops, picking the same point over and over" (was not updating required reference count global mutable state in command line rendering, so the pseudo-random number generator didn't have enough entropy) (this fix will be backported to 2.14 branch)

- fix in progress for "OpenCL exponential map DE rendering has visible rings/seams in zoomasm" (was not scaling DE by 2^y as required to avoid seams, the non-OpenCL path did that already)


- fixed logic error in OpenCL hybrids (perturbing a constant should give 0 instead of the constant again)

- fixed compilation error in some OpenCL hybrids kernels (needed to use constructor functions instead of brace initializer lists)

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