kf-2.15.1 released!
with OpenCL acceleration, hybrid formula designer, exponential map, and more
get it from mathr.co.uk/kf/kf.html#kf-2.15

- support for perturbation iterations (requires double precision support on device: should work, some might not)
- editor (design your own fractal formula)
- coordinate transformation (useful for export to for efficient assembly)
- rotation and skew transformations are rewritten to be more flexible (but old skewed/rotated KFR locations will not load correctly)
- kf-tile.exe tool supports the new rotation and skew transformations
- the bitrotten skew animation feature is removed
- a few speed changes in built in formulas (one example, RedShiftRider 4 with derivatives is almost 2x faster due to using complex analytic derivatives instead of 2x2 Jacobian matrix derivatives)
- flip imaginary part of Buffalo power 2 (to match other powers; derivative was flipped already)
- slope implementation rewritten (appearance is different but it is now independent of zoom level and iteration count)
- smooth (log) iteration count is offset so dwell bands match up with the phase channel

kf- released!
with bugfixes!
get it from mathr.co.uk/kf/kf.html#kf-2.15

- fix OpenCL support for NVIDIA GPUs
- fix crash in aligned memory (de)allocation
- documentation improvements

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Demo of some of the new features of KF-2.15 (hybrid formulas, exponential map transform, and OpenCL acceleration) and assembling zoom videos with zoomasm-1.0.

KF (Kalles Fraktaler) is fast deep zooming Free Software for escape time fractal graphics (Mandelbrot, Burning Ship, etc). Hybrid fractals combine features of multiple formulas, with a huge potential variety. The exponential map transform is optimal for rendering zoom animations (much more efficient than frames at 2x zoom levels even if the center portion is reused). OpenCL allows graphics cards to be used for calculations, which can be faster than the main processor.

zoomasm is a zoom video assembler. It takes the output of KF's exponential map zoom sequences (a series of EXR images containing raw iteration data), and reprojects them into a sequence of flat frames. It uses OpenGL shaders for customizable colouring algorithms, and has a timeline for variable speed zoom animation (key moments in the soundtrack can be synchronized to key moments in the zoom sequence).


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- OpenCL errors now display in-program without exiting (though, there shouldn't really be any compilation errors at all except for that one formula, maybe you can run out of VRAM or so)

- fixed the OpenCL error when enabling Negate X in the hybrid formula editor (thanks Microfractal for reporting the bug)


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Follow (prerelease, not yet final) running on 0.4.13 (all 32bit, in VirtualBox, single core).

Getting ReactOS working was a chore until I followed their instructions precisely (had no joy with QEMU at all).

Tempted to try it on an old Pentium4 desktop I have here, will see if there are Windows XP-era drivers for its graphics card still available from reputable sites...

· · Web · 1 · 0 · 1 released (current branch)

- fix hybrid perturbation logic (perturbing a constant (power 0) should give 0 not the constant again) (thanks Foxxie)
- fix more typo breakage in OpenCL hybrids
- fix OpenCL enablement when loading settings from command line
- fix OpenCL exponential map DE scaling (fixes visible rings in zoomasm)
- merge changes from kf-

mathr.co.uk/kf/kf.html#kf-2.15 released (stable branch)

- fix "solve glitches by random choice" not having enough entropy in command line rendering (picking the same point over and over with no progress)
- switch MinGW compiler threading model from win32 to posix: no longer need to patch `OpenEXR` to use `mingw-std-threads` (the latter is no longer needed at all)
- rebuild all dependencies for the win32 to posix switch
- patch OpenEXR to avoid calling `_wsopen_s` which does not exist in ReactOS' `msvcrt.dll`
- adjust build system to ensure `stdc++` and `pthread` libraries are statically linked
- explicitly target Win32 API version 0x501 (Windows XP)
- return of 32bit builds to the distribution
- updated Linux build documentation and scripts (native Windows build instructions and scripts are out of date)
- documentation improvements (thanks to FractalAlex)


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