1.1 released

- New: F9 key toggles user interface transparency.
- New: .ppm output file saves an image sequence without FFmpeg.
- Fix: no more garbage audio output for an instant on device open.
- Fix: fix build with recent upstream imgui changes.
- Fix: when loading a session, don’t reset the last timeline waypoint zoom depth to the default for the input keyframe count.
- Fix: reduce timeline Z slider range to avoid glitches at extremes.
- Fix: add an example preset that was missing from the distribution.
- Doc: add demo/tutorial videos to documentation.
- Doc: round recommended keyframe image sizes to multiples of 16 so that exrsubsample can be used without worrying about edge effects.
- Win: include presets/ folder in Windows distribution.
- Win: include PDF manual in Windows distribution.
- Win: update imgui, miniaudio, tomlplusplus to latest versions. miniaudio needed a small patch to build as C++ void* casts must be explicit (unlike as in C); this will hopefully be fixed upstream soon.

If anyone works with and can fix the bidrectional communication so that it doesn't , and is prepared to send me patches under AGPL3v+, I'm sure the winbound users would appreciate it. Thanks!

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I've just seen there is no stdout reader thread, which might cause issues if FFmpeg writes to stdout on Microsoft Windows instead of stderr as expected...

...maybe I can fix that and get someone to test...

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And now the EXE segfaults in Wine in some unrelated OpenEXR internals, wtf. I suppose I'll try rebuilding everything, seems MinGW g++ might have got upgraded between compiling libraries and program, which might cause issues? or maybe it is a mismatch between -posix and -win32 g++ versions, I probably switched back to -win32 to compile kf but zoomasm needs -posix it seems.

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think it was the -posix thing, working now. 1.1 build updated (same source, same url, broken one was only up for 90mins so I didn't bother to bump the name).

still need help debugging the deadlock though...

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