today's programming achievements 

I fixed several bugs in 2.14 branch, will make a point release soon. also upgraded it to OpenEXR 2.5.3 from 2.4.something, which needed a minor linking adjustment for pthreads. Boost had an upgrade too, and there was a new compiler so I rebuilt all the dependencies. Merged the changes into the KF-next 2.15 branch.

I improved my exponential map video assembler:
- colouring algorithms are now GLSL snippets loaded at runtime, so no need to recompile;
- no assumptions about filenames any more, takes a directory name instead of a filename fragment (this means it can work with no fuss from the output of KF);
- preview window is better (higher quality by using mipmaps, and is the right way up instead of being vertically flipped vs the output video).
- I got it working in Wine, cross-compiled to Windows from my Debian.


yesterday's programming achievements 

I added a graphical user interface using Dear ImGui and a filebrowser widget for it I found. There was a small bug in directory handling so I reported it with a fix, upstream is sorted now.

GUI has all the controls from CLI, plus options to flip keyframes vertically or invert (in the sense of 1/r) the video - these can be used to render zoom out videos instead of zoom in.

The biggest feature is a playback seek slider, so that you can preview colouring algorithms anywhere in the zoom without having to render from the start.

Still lots to add: want to launch ffmpeg as a subprocess rather than piping to stdout, and miscellaneous options like setting zoom speed instead of duration, displaying antialiasing ratio at image edge, etc etc

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